LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Noonlight, the world’s fastest growing personal safety company, today announced a partnership with Minut to further protect the people, places, and pets we love. Following integrations with Amazon Alexa, Canary, and Nest Protect, among others, this partnership with Minut’s Point device expands Noonlight’s safety integrations in the home space.

Minut’s Point all-in-one home alarm, which can be installed in a just few minutes and works over Wi-Fi, intuitively detects window breaks, smoke alarm signals, motion in the home, and more. Through Noonlight’s integration, the Point system can automatically alert emergency responders when an alarm is triggered, with no 911 call required.

“Through feedback from Minut’s customers, we’ve discovered that apart from reliability and price, the most important factor when choosing a smart home alarm is the ability to notify others,” said Marcus Ljungblad, Head of Customer Insights at Minut. “Customers have directly asked us if we could include emergency response capabilities within the smart home alarm to alert police and other emergency services. Noonlight’s extensive work with emergency response personnel and smart home products made them the perfect choice.”

With integrations like Minut, Lyft, Canary, Apple Health, Nest and others, Noonlight’s connected safety platform simplifies emergency communications across the home, health, and transportation spaces. During emergencies, Noonlight automatically contacts certified dispatchers and increases first responders’ access to critical information before they arrive on the scene. The company has helped in over 100,000 emergencies nationwide and saw 3.2 million sessions last month.

“The smart home space is growing rapidly, with many options for security. We believe the best way to protect your home is enabling the devices in and around it to work together to keep you safe,” said Nick Droege, co-founder of Noonlight. “We want automatic safety to be ubiquitous, but the home is an especially important starting point. We are proud to support partners who share our passion for safety.”

This partnership with Minut further strengthens Noonlight’s connected safety platform, adding a trusted home security product to Noonlight’s integration lineup of home cameras, smart smoke alarms + carbon monoxide detectors, and voice-controlled smart speakers. For more information, visit the Noonlight website.

About Noonlight
Noonlight, formerly SafeTrek, uses advanced technology to keep people safe. The company focuses on building personal safety solutions for the modern world. Launched four years ago as a mobile application, Noonlight has since evolved into a connected safety platform — partnering with products and services to enable automated emergency response for their users via a proprietary API. Noonlight is the only company of its kind with technology that works everywhere in the United States, allowing users to get real-life help in the event of threats or emergencies, without requiring a 911 call or the ability to talk or text.

About Minut
Our idea is simple, help people create a feeling of wellness and comfort at home, for themselves and their families. By connecting existing communities with technology, we can spend less time worrying about our homes and loved ones, and more time enjoying time spent together. The Point smart home alarm makes home security smarter, more accessible but less intrusive. Traditional home alarms require multiple sensors, cameras, key codes, complicated installation and long commitments. Point is an all-in-one connected device that monitors multiple factors in your home, including motion, noise, humidity, pressure and mold risk. If any threats are detected an instant notification is sent to you, and your selected network of friends and family in case you’re not able to respond. Easy to self-install, and take with you when you move house, Point combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design and everyday practicality at a fraction of the cost of other home security offerings. Minut products are sold all over the world, via online and high street retailers. As a young company, we’ve found that the best way to improve is to listen, and we’re lucky to have thousands of supportive users in over 60 countries who ensure we stay on the right path. Today we have offices in Malmö, Stockholm and London as well as a regular presence in Shenzhen, China.