Las Vegas, Jan. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eBoost (, the gamer coin supporting the Esports industry, has completed refunding token holders who lost funds staking coins for an airdrop on the now-defunct Octaex Exchange. Octaex shut down shortly after participants sent EBST funds for an airdrop in 2018, making it impossible for participants to withdraw funds. Octaex was able to integrate eBoost without its participation because it is open-source, but the eBoost team felt a commitment to support its community members following the third party’s abrupt shutdown.

When eBoost discovered Octaex had shut down, it set in motion a plan to refund token holders’ EBST coins. Token holders were invited to complete a web form with transaction information. eBoost evaluated each submission to eliminate fraudulent claims. In all, eBoost distributed 1.7 million EBST tokens to refund its community.

eBoost continues to execute its roadmap, deploying its new Alaris blockchain and launching a new airdrop through the end of 2019. Now, any user registered on the BOA Exchange and holding EBST for 30 days can claim 1 Alaris token per 2 EBST tokens. A total of 18 million Alaris tokens will be airdropped. Learn more here.

In addition to launching its Alaris blockchain, eBoost recently partnered with Edge Wallet to implement EBST into their Wallet app on IOS and Android.

“In 2019, our key focus remains providing the Esports industry and EBST token holders the best possible user experience,” said Marshall Long, eBoost Gaming Director. “This entails doing our part to protect the EBST community from bad actors, and partnering with the most trusted exchanges and wallets on the market today.”

About eBoost
Created to service the Esports industry at the core, eBoost is the first in-game software token focused on the Esports market. eBoost is used among skills-based Esports games. eBoost can also be used in gaming applications globally and can be traded on global exchanges. For more information, visit

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