Chicago, IL, Jan. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Good Tree Capital announces it is making it easier than ever for you to become an investor in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. In just a few clicks, any qualifying U.S. resident or entity can invest as little as $100 and earn up to 28.7% in returns from investments made in state-licensed cannabis companies all across the nation. Good Tree Capital is using the power of the crowd to address a major financing gap for the industry.

The cannabis economy is expected to reach $16 billion by 2020 and yet very few cannabis businesses are able to obtain accounts or secure loans from traditional banks. This creates a massive problem for cannabis businesses: If they want to finance an expansion or hire additional staff, they can’t go to a bank and get a loan. Instead, they’ll either forgo the growth opportunity or sell a chunk of their company to an equity investor. This is not an ideal experience.  

Good Tree Capital solves this problem by pooling individual investments and deploying pooled funds as small business loans to extensively vetted, well-established cannabis companies seeking capital. As those cannabis borrowers repay their loans, investors receive the interest income. This creates a win-win for investors and borrowers alike.

While successfully financing cannabis industry business owners, Good Tree Capital is simultaneously helping to shrink the opportunity gap for women and minority-owned marijuana businesses. Growing Talentowned by current borrower Rashaan Everett, is a social equity incubator that provides education and other resources to support future dispensary owners who were adversely impacted by the "war on drugs." Good Tree Capital partners with Growing Talent to provide financing to future owners.

Founder and Managing Director Seke Ballard says “Good Tree Capital is bringing cannabis investments to the broader population by allowing individuals a way to securely fund businesses in the cannabis industry. We want to destigmatize investing in cannabis companies, given, increasingly, we’re getting closer to nationwide legalization of the plant. This is just the beginning, and a great opportunity for individual investors to get involved while it’s still early.

The process to invest is simple and can be completed online in three easy steps. First, you complete a short questionnaire to determine if you qualify to be an investor. Once qualified, you identify an investment amount and fund your account. The final step is to review your investment and submit. Good Tree Capital does not cap how much you can invest, which means you can start small or go big. It’s all up to you.   

I’ve spent years observing the trend lines for marijuana and trying to figure out my angle for getting involved. I never saw myself as a master grower or a pot shop owner, so Good Tree Capital was the perfect way for me to throw my hat in the ring and invest,” says early adopter and investor Christian Bailey.

Steve Morrison of Portland, Oregon says “It’s turned out to be a great investment with returns not seen in my other investments. Good Tree Capital’s management keeps all investors informed with quarterly reporting.

There are lots of people just like Christian and Steve, who want to profit from the green rush, but are unsure how to fit the burgeoning industry into their busy lives. If you’re one of those people, you should go learn more at

Derek Morrison
Good Tree Capital