Efore Plc    Stock Exchange Release   January 14, 2019   at 18:30 p.m.

The members of Efore Plc’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board have been appointed

The following persons have been appointed as members of Efore Plc’s Shareholders’ Nomination Board:

- Jussi Capital Oy: Jarkko Takanen

- Rausanne Group: Jarmo Malin

- Jaakko Heininen and related parties: Jaakko Heininen

In addition, Tuomo Lähdesmäki, Chairman of the Board of Efore Plc, is a member of the Nomination Board.

At the constitutive meeting of the Nomination Committee Jarkko Takanen was elected chairman.

The decision to establish the Nomination Committee was taken at the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2017. The Nomination Committee’s duties include preparing proposals related to the election and remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors for the next Annual General Meeting. More information on the Shareholders’ Nomination Committee and the Charter of the Shareholders’ Nomination Committee are available on the Efore website at https://www.efore.com/investors/corporate-governance/shareholders-nomination-board.


Vesa Leino
President and CEO

For further information please contact the Chairman of the Nomination Board, Jarkko Takanen, tel. +358 40 554 5500.

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