LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global NGS Services market size is projected to around USD 3.0 billion by 2026, the market is projected to grow with 14.1% CAGR during the forecast timeframe. Rising need for robust sequencing-based diagnostics has resulted in the beginning of new seq-technologies, ranging from high-throughput sequencers to portable units. This has stimulated the trend of clinical NGS in over the coming years. Such as, in March 2018, ARUP Laboratories and IDbyDNA, Inc. launched Explify Respiratory, an NGS test for respiratory infections, to assist physicians in screening patients with pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses.

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The market leader, Illumina, has launched the Illumina Propel Certification Program (CSPro) to establish a partnership between the business and laboratories. GENEWIZ, Inc. received Illumina’s CSPro certification for NGS and became a member of the elite group of Illumina genomics service providers in December 2013. Personal is additional provider, which receive the CSPro Certifications in May 2013.

Growth of NGS technologies has transformed gene sequencing in terms of reproducibility and cost savings. This has resulted in introduction of numerous progressions in NGS technology to encourage its usage in hospitals and clinical labs. Most current novelties in this field revolve around simplifying usage of seq-technology and making it classier. These parameters have boost the uptake of NGS services across numerous end users.

Traditional disease testing service producers have widened their portfolio with an increasing trend of seq-based genetic tests. For instance, ARUP Laboratories integrated with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in October 2014. The service provision for NGS-based HLA genotyping, comprise of HLA Class I, and HLA Class II and began in November 2017.

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With increasing trend of high throughput sequencing within the biotech and pharma industry, there is a demand for more growths to advance the speed and convenience of high throughput seq-platforms and simplify workflows. As a result, businesses are concentrating on growth of solutions to simplify the purification and amplification of sample and starting input.

The global NGS services market is segmented into service type, workflow, end-user and region. On the basis of service type, the global NGS services market is segmented into human genome sequencing, single cell sequencing, microbial genome-based sequencing, gene regulation services, animal & plant sequencing and other sequencing services. Gene Regulation Services is further bifurcated into small RNA sequencing, chip sequencing, and other gene regulation-based services. On the basis of workflow, the global NGS services market is segmented into pre-sequencing, sequencing, and data analysis. On the basis of the cause the global NGS services market is segmented into universities & other research entities, hospitals & clinics, pharma & biotech entities, and others. On the basis of the end-user the global NGS services market is segmented into hospitals, clinics, and others. The hospital sub-segment is further bifurcated into inpatient and outpatient. On the basis of region the global NGS services market is segmented into Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Middle East & Africa.

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North America captures the largest share due to factors for instance, well-established informatics network, effective regulatory guidelines relating to usage and approval of genetic tests, and occurrence of market leaders in the region. Also, rising numeral of FDA-approved genomic tests in U.S. is expected to boost the regional market during the forthcoming years.

The APAC industry is estimated to serve as an opportunity source of revenue through 2026. Rising attention of government bodies regarding maintenance of public health and consequential funds in growth of progressive diagnostic methods is expected to drive the uptake of seq-services in the region.

Also, domestic participants in Asian nations are involved in forming mutually beneficial corporations among each other as well as with global businesses for establishment of NGS service providers. Such as, Novogene China partnership with Singapore-based AITbiotech to found NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore Pte Ltd.in 2017. The objective is to offer sequencing services in Southeast Asia. The key players catering to the global NGS Services market are GENEWIZ Germany GmbH, Illumina, Inc., Novogene Corporation, abm Inc., Veritas Genetics, Quest Diagnostics, Gene by Gene, ARUP Laboratories, BGI, and Lucigen.

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