CORTE MADERA, Calif., Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Suppose TV LLC announced coverage of additional local TV markets and new features to support the selection and management of TV services.

At its website, Suppose provides tools to search, compare, and manage TV service subscriptions.  Suppose offers unbiased comparisons of TV services, based on each user’s preferences among channels, providers, devices, and other service features.

Exiting its beta phase, Suppose announced the following new features:

  • TV Service Alerts.  As the first step in offering TV subscription management, users of Suppose can now receive alerts when new, relevant offers are available.  For each user, Suppose stores channel selections and feature preferences.  When service offering changes result in different service recommendations -- due to price changes, content additions or removals, or feature changes -- Suppose will email a personalized alert. 
  • API Availability.  Suppose now offers API access to its TV service database and recommendation engine.  This new functionality allows commercial partners to create customized TV service selection tools within their user experiences.
  • Expanded Markets.  Local broadcast networks and regional sports networks are important parts of streaming TV services, but availability of these channels varies widely between markets and providers. Suppose now provides local market channel details for over 100 top markets, which include approximately 90% of U.S. households.
  • Promotion Discovery.  Suppose results now reflect the availability and value of special promotions, enabling users to take advantage of the most attractive deals on discounted devices, free channels, and limited-time pricing.

Seven major players have entered the live streaming TV services market since 2015. They join a marketplace with cable TV operators, satellite TV operators, and single-channel subscription services.  Packages and offers change frequently.

“The best TV service choice is often a combination of services from more than one service provider, including multiple base packages and add-ons.  There are billions of combinations,” says Andrew Shapiro, co-founder of Suppose. “With TV Service Alerts, Suppose monitors available offers and matches them to a user’s preferences, ensuring they always have their best TV subscriptions.”

“With our API solution, Suppose supports the delivery of TV service selection tools by partner companies like broadband providers, television OS platforms, or retailers,” says Shapiro.  “These companies are well positioned to help their customers sign up for and manage their TV services.”

About Suppose
Suppose launched in July 2017.  In addition all the largest US markets, newly added markets where local channel details are available now include Honolulu, Shreveport, Paducah/Cape Girardeau, Harlingen & South TX, Syracuse, Springfield-Champaign, Central TX, Colorado Springs, Chattanooga, Eastern Iowa, Savannah, El Paso, Baton Rouge, Charleston, Jackson, South Bend, Elkhart, Burlington, Tri-Cities (TN-VA), Fort Smith, Coastal NC, Bangor, and Presque Isle.  Suppose is based in Corte Madera, California.