Lifting of Suspension

At Trading Venue XSTO

Issuer: Vostok New Ventures Ltd, LEI: 549300AO9GBHGX75HB20
Instrument: AB VNV SDB SE0007278965
Lifting reason: With reference to the press release published by Vostok New Ventures Ltd on January 25 at 16.00 CET
Continuous trading from: The opening auction starts at 16.20 CET followed by continuous trading from 16.30 CET, January 25, 2019
Comments: Order books have been flushed
Related instruments: GB00BG5X4251, GB00BG5X1687, GB00BG5X1794
Contact details: Issuer Surveillance +46 8 405 60 00
Trading Surveillance +46 8 405 60 00


The Financial Supervisory Authority for XSTO has been notified

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