On 6.12.2018, Competition Authority notified AS Tallinna Vesi that the company can submit its explanations in the on-going supervisory review procedure regarding the price components serving as a basis of the prices of water services. Initially, the Competition Authority extended the deadline for company´s response until 30.01.2019, but has now granted a further extension until 1.04.2019. 

Tallinna Vesi asked the Competition Authority for a further deadline extension because the Competition Authority has not yet made its decision on the company´s challenge from 3.01.2019 as regards to the Competition Authority’s 04.12.2018 decision to refuse to approve the prices of water services that AS Tallinna Vesi applied for in the Tallinn and Saue service area. As the supervisory review procedure is connected to the 4.12.2018 decision, the Competition Authority satisfied the company’s request for an extension to the response deadline in the supervisory review procedure. The Competition Authority intends to decide on the challenge by 12.02.2019.

The Competition Authority´s supervisory review procedure is linked to the rejection of the tariff application for Tallinn and Saue City on 4.12.2018. Currently, the Competition Authority considers the prices of water services provided by the company in Tallinn and Saue City to be non-compliant with the requirements specified in the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Act.

Eliis Vennik
Head of Customer Relations and Communications
Tallinna Vesi
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