LOS ANGELES, Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Royal Holdings Technologies Corp. (https://royalholdings.org/) announced today that its flagship invention, SWORD, has entered its public beta testing phase and is on schedule to enter full production in the third quarter of 2019. The announcement was made at the device’s unveiling in Los Angeles before a crowd of over 110 police, security, defense and education specialists who were given the opportunity to handle working models and provide feedback.

SWORD is the world’s first mobile IoT threat detection device built on top of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro. Housed in its own case, SWORD is able to use a combination of proprietary AI, mmWave and thermal imaging sensor fusion technology to detect concealed weapons, including 3D printed ones, and explosives; run the fastest facial recognition scans in the industry against proprietary cloud-based databases; and locate gunfire with best-in-class triangulation — all in a matter of seconds. Security teams can be created and expanded on the fly as visual and audible alerts are sent simultaneously to everyone involved. Its low cost (a magnitude less than current bolted-in-place solutions) and ability to create flexible perimeters make SWORD a paradigm shift in terms of providing security for everything from schools and sports venues to even hard targets, such as airports.

“It’s an instance of science fiction becoming science fact,” said Barry Oberholzer, CEO and co-founder of Royal Holdings. “Traditional security equipment hasn’t kept pace with technological developments. As Henry Ford said, if he had polled people about what they wanted before the Model T, they’d have asked for a faster horse, not a car. SWORD is that same kind of revolutionary leap forward.”

SWORD is not meant as a silver bullet but rather as a new, powerful tool to be used in the battle against terrorism, mass shooters and other instruments of chaos and death. Its value is evidenced by the more than 88,000 pre-orders that have been placed by government agencies, an airport and leading concert venue firms.

In addition, Royal Holdings will be donating $1 million worth of SWORDs to various school districts across the country.

About Royal Holdings
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Royal Holdings is a privately owned technology company that develops verified information solutions which enhance the safety of education institutions, sports, business, and entertainment events that attract large crowds of fans and attendees. The company delivers proprietary technology based solutions for its key markets. All development is undertaken in the United States. For more information, please visit https://royalholdings.org/.

Martin Stein, Orca Communications