To Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S                                                          19. February 2019
                                                                                                          Announcement no. 19/2019

Fixing of interest rate trigger

Jyske Realkredit has finished the bond sales connected to the refinancing of adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans with annual refinancing on 1 April 2019. The level of interest rate, which would trigger a maturity extension of ISIN DK0009394124 at next year’s refinancing, is then fixed at 4,78 %.

Questions may be addressed to Anders Lund Hansen, Head of Mortgage ALM, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 20 or Christian Bech-Ravn, Head of Investor Relations, tel. (+45) 89 89 92 25.

The information will also be available on Jyske Realkredit’s web site at

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Jyske Realkredit

Please observe that the Danish version of this announcement prevails