LONDON, Feb. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Globally, the market for online counterfeiting amounted to $323bn in 2017, boosted by the relentless rise of e-commerce and social media. This growing problem is presenting budding businesses with a challenge: spend vast resources keeping on top of IP infringements or allow online fakes to tarnish your brand.

By automating brand protection through artificial intelligence technology, hundreds of thousands of illegal products can be removed from the internet every day, Laura Urquizu, the CEO of Red Points, told European CEO for its spring 2019 issue. “Speed and accuracy are key when it comes to effectively fighting online counterfeits, and this can only be achieved with smart technology,” Urquizu said.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Barclay Ballard examines the phenomenon of whistleblowing. The act of blowing the whistle over unethical or illegal practices certainly comes with risks – employees can be shunned, demoted or dismissed, in some cases. But Ballard found that companies with a higher number of reported problems actually exhibit better long-term health than those attempting to keep secrets.

In a similar vein, Sophie Perryer tackles the issue of Europe’s dirty money problem. Over the past decade, money laundering has become a global concern, but adequate legislative action is still lacking. With the issue taking its toll on a number of countries across Europe, it is now time for politicians and regulators to act.

Other articles in the latest issue of European CEO explore whether consumers should regain control of their personal data from big tech giants, the importance of succession planning and how mentoring can be a powerful tool for mentors and their organisations.

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