• Organization pledges additional $1 million to bring total funding to 20,000 credit-bearing exam fees
  • ModernStates.org gained 120,000 students in first 17 months, offering free college courses online from top professors; now America’s leading free college program
  • Modern States students achieving a 75 percent passing rate on credit bearing CLEP exams, exceeding the national average of 67 percent
  • Each free course and exam can save students up to $1,000 to $2,000 of college cost, with no taxpayer dollars spent

NEW YORK, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Modern States Education Alliance, a philanthropy dedicated to making a college degree more affordable and accessible to everyone, today announced that it will help 10,000 more of its learners by paying their College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test fees. This increases the total tests paid for by Modern States to 20,000 from the original 10,000.

As a public service, Modern States.org provides top quality online college courses and online textbooks for free to everyone who seeks them, and also pays for the corresponding CLEP exam that gives the student college credits at 2,900 traditional universities, from Ohio State to Morehouse. Over 120,000 students have registered on ModernStates.org since its launch about 17 months ago. About 10,000 Modern States students have taken CLEP exams with Modern States’ paying and have passed with a 75 percent rate, exceeding the 67 percent national average. Each free course and exam passed can save students and their families $1,000 to $2,000 of college cost, with no taxpayer dollars spent. ModernStates.org has quickly become the leading free college for credit site in America, with more students gaining traditional academic credit through Modern States than through any known alternative.

ModernStates.org and its “Freshman Year For Free” program is the first-ever catalog of tuition-free online courses for more than 30 core collegiate freshman subjects. The initiative assists learners in earning traditional academic credits at more than 2,900 major U.S. colleges and universities. Modern States' free courses, taught by professors from well-known institutions, prepare students to take and pass CLEP exams offered by The College Board. In addition to paying the $87 exam fee, Modern States reimburses students for test centers fees, typically $25. 

“No one should be blocked from education for lack of money,” said Steve Klinsky, Modern States’ founder and CEO who is providing the funds for the additional exams. “Access to education is fundamental to a society that respects every individual, and fundamental to allow people to achieve their full potential. My family and I are pleased to offer this additional gift.”

For the 120,000 learners who have registered at ModernStates.org so far, the site and its courses and exams act as an “on-ramp” into the traditional college system. Whether someone takes one course or enough credits to fulfill their freshman year requirements, Modern States’ “Freshman Year for Free” is providing a path to college for all kinds of learners.

Research has shown that students who pass a CLEP exam are more likely to graduate from college overall, and more likely to do well on the follow up course.  The professors who teach the Modern States courses include faculty from some of the nation’s best universities, including Columbia, Purdue, Rutgers, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Baruch College, University of Texas and George Washington University.

Thousands of major colleges and universities have accepted CLEP exams for credit for the past 50 years, and CLEP exams have been widely used by the U.S., military for decades.  Major state university systems such as SUNY and Texas State have been highly supportive of Modern States as a way to attract great students into their schools and to make college more affordable for all. Governor Jeb Bush has written to all governors encouraging them to adopt the Modern States model in their own states. Legislation to reimburse CLEP fees and to encourage use of the free courses for credit has now been proposed in New Hampshire and elsewhere.

Registering for Modern States courses is free and easy. Sign up here. In the long term, Modern States aspires to help over one million learners earn credit at no tuition cost, saving students and taxpayers approximately $1,000 per course and over $1 billion in total.

About Modern States
The Modern States Education Alliance is a NYC-based philanthropy dedicated to making a college degree more affordable and accessible for everyone. Its first initiative is “Freshman Year for Free”: more than 30 online college courses available tuition-free for credit, from top university professors available to anyone with an Internet connection. Students can use these courses to earn college credits by preparing for and taking AP and CLEP exams, as offered by the College Board. Modern States is also paying for the first 20,000 exam fees. Learn more at ModernStates.org.