If you are one of the estimated 5 million in the UK who sneeze and sniffle their way through the pollen season, then help is at hand. A personalised allergy app detailing location-based pollen counts and real-time air quality is here to help people better manage their allergy.

This year’s pollen season has already started, causing blocked and runny noses, itchy eyes, as well as sneezing for many British allergy sufferers. But, while these symptoms can bring misery to those worst affected, there is no need to wish the summer away. That’s because these days, those who suffer with a pollen allergy can be helped.

The latest high-tech weapon in the battle against pollen allergy is a pollen app called Klara, which uses machine learning to provide personalised information free of charge to allergy sufferers.
Jeremy Mai, Head of klarify.me UK, the company behind the app, says:

"Klara is the only allergy app in the world combining/triangulating location-based and real-time pollen counts, air quality data and weather forecasts to help people manage their allergy in a smarter way - all at the tap of a screen. Klara was developed with data scientists and gathers location information, weather forecasts, allergy information and other data, to offer daily tips and support on how to outsmart pollen allergy, using a machine-learning algorithm to constantly improve the insights it provides."

Launched last year, Klara has been downloaded more than 35,000 times across the UK and Germany, awarded Best New Mobile App in September 2018 by Best Mobile App Awards and is a finalist for the prestigious Most Valuable Patient Initiative prize at eyeforpharma.

A world of digital support
Klara is part of an online allergy support platform called klarify.me, which not only shares scientific knowledge with allergy sufferers but also offers a selection of products for symptom relief, and avoidance of pollen allergy.

“At klarify.me, we want to make a difference for everyone who is touched by allergy, using our scientific knowledge and expertise to help people take control of their allergy, and making allergy surprisingly simple to manage. By collecting the latest pollen information and some solutions together in one place under klarify.me, we can now offer a range of products, services and resources that can help give patients their summer back.”

Klara and klarify.me are currently available in Germany and the UK and are continuously being updated. Klara is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store or from Google Play.

About klarify.me:
At klarify.me, we provide medically approved allergy information to help people better understand their allergies. We back that with carefully curated products and services to help them manage their allergy in a simpler and easier way. klarify.me launched in April 2018 and is currently available in Germany and United Kingdom. klarify.me is fully owned by ALK and based in Hørsholm, Denmark.
Visit klarify.me for more information.

About ALK
ALK is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on allergy. It markets allergy immunotherapy treatments and other products and services for people with allergy and allergy doctors. Headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark, ALK employs around 2,300 people worldwide and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.
Visit ALK's website for more information.

For further information, please contact:
Jeremy Mai, Head of klarify.me UK +44 (7917) 631772
Jeppe Ilkjær, Head of Media Relations, ALK +45 3050 2014