Homeowner’s Payments Were Paid by Company While Installation Was Delayed by Permitting Rules 

OKLAHOMA CITY, March 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abe Issa, CEO of Envirosolar, one of the nation’s leading solar installers and one of Oklahoma’s largest solar companies, today clarified the facts surrounding a solar panel customer’s complaint that was distorted in a recent news story. The customer’s story was recently weaponized in a news story attacking Envirosolar Power’s industry leadership position in solar power, lower utility bills, and smart home integrations.

“Here are the facts,” says Issa. “As we have grown, we have learned the challenges of our mission to solarize America. While scaling the business, we continue to improve the response times in how quickly we address and fairly resolve any disputes. In this instance, the dispute apparently conflated payments for a roof-replacement loan with payments for the customer’s solar panels. We have been in constant communication with the homeowner throughout the solar panel installation process, and have records of each step. In our quality control welcome call, the customer stated that he understood the solar payment was separate from his payment to replace his roof. In Oklahoma, permission to operate is required from the electric utility which must inspect the installation. When his system’s inspection was delayed for several months, we covered loan payments for the solar system. By the time his solar energy system was operating, it was winter with less sun and less solar generated electric, which increases with Spring and Summer. Our sales representative even helped the customer obtain a new homeowners insurance policy, and Envirosolar paid for one year of insurance as a gift.  We are also assisting in the customer recovering money from the Federal Tax Credit.”    

The Envirosolar Power brand is nationally recognized for its consistent dedication to the environmentally clean solar industry’s growth and its creation of jobs. Envirosolar’s management team acknowledge that success hasn’t come without learning curves from past experiences, now using a globally recognized independent customer experience protocol for customer satisfaction metrics and energy savings analysis reports.

At Envirosolar we have successfully completed and monitor thousands of customer projects across the nation. Our customers’ experiences during and after a solar installation, setting proper expectations, and continually tightening operations has enabled us to grow solar energy across the country.

About Envirosolar

Envirosolar is one of the nation’s top ten rooftop solar companies. Our goal is to see America switch fifteen percent of the electricity grid to solar by 2025, and our commitment is to create a tremendous amount of jobs and a cleaner environment while continually improving our customer satisfaction rating.

Media Contact: Gary Douglas