Friendswood, Texas, March 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jerome Karam is a real estate developer born and raised in Texas. He has recently come back to his home town Louisiana to develop and take on some real estate projects. This is his way of giving to society and improving his home town. Some of the projects he has taken on in Texas is the transforming of the Galveston's Falstaff brewing site and the mainland mall. This is some of the major landmarks in the state which were affected by the hurricane back in 2008.

1. Jerome Karam history

Jerome Karam is the founder and the head of operations of the JMK5 and LLC Companies. The companies major in renovation and changing of some of the old buildings affected by the hurricane and floods. His work is tremendous, and he changes the outlook of a place and the design of eh place. This in returns generates an income to the area and improves the lifestyle of the people around. Projects like the development of the Falstaff breweries to houses and a boutique increased the availability of affordable homes in the area. The condominiums in the former factory are great and spacious and affordable.

2. The Texas City's mall of the mainland

The development and remodelling off the Texas City mainland mall are aimed at improving the mall and getting more storages inside the mall. After the mall was affected by the hurricane and flooding back in 2008, it has struggled to get back on its feet, and most business people living around the area ended up losing their source of income.

• Increase the functionality of the mall
The mall is one of the best places to develop a business idea and grow financially. However, since the hurricane hit this Mall business went down since most people prefer renting a storage facility outside the mall. Outside the mall, you can find places like Walmart since the mall is not functional or safe for use. The remodelling of the mall is aimed at improving and making the building safe to use. This will be done by repairing any faulty building inside the mall that might have been affected by flooding and the hurricane.

• Increase the income of the area
The remodelling of the mall includes the addition of indoor climate controlled storage units. This units are spacious and constructed to withstand the climate changes and any hurricane. This means that your business will be safe and will not be affected by any hurricane. The storage units are around 600 which means there is enough space if you decide to open a business. The storage units will boost the economy of the place as it will encourage many people to start a business in the mall.


Jerome Karam has invested a lot of his energy and time in improving Texas City by taking up the responsibility of developing buildings and changing the area. His work aims at remodelling old buildings and changing them to meet modern standards. Additionally it will increase the income levels of the area.