HOLLYWOOD, March 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The thriving world of streaming is about to have a new player with the imminent arrival of Big Screen Entertainment Group’s (OTC:BSEG) own distribution platform.

Big Screen Streaming will deliver all of the company’s in-house content from its library plus that of its partners and affiliates. The Streaming APP will be a separate division of BSEG run by Camelcode whom will manage the platform and take the products directly to the consumer.

The streaming site will initially be in the form of a ROKU channel as well as a mobile and desktop portal to display and deliver content.

Advertising is seen as the initial main driver of revenue for the platform, which is currently in advanced development. But planned features to be added in time include subscriptions which would allow for removal of advertising, pay per view (for live streaming of events), use of additional media libraries from which movies can be purchased directly, games, music and other related services.

BSEG hopes that step by step building up of its content library and streaming platform will allow its products to be better known. While Amazon, Netflix and Hulu distribution channels will still be used for BSEG content releases, developing a BSEG wholly owned streaming and distribution platform will allow the company to potentially grow market share over time.  

“BSEG has access to a good deal of content. We strongly believe it’s time to get our product out directly to the consumer and needed a technology platform to do so to monetize and distribute in an efficient way. These platforms hold positive potential and future for the company. In addition to utilizing our existing content, we will also be developing and creating original content for the platforms,” stated BSEG CEO Kimberley Kates.

Films currently in development include This Gets Ruff, a dark comedy that focuses on the melodrama between a former child star and her biggest fan, Santa’s Real, an adventure film about three friends who embark on a quest to find out the truth about the Christmas icon. In development for television is Avenger Field, a drama about daring female pilots in WW2, and the fantastical action adventures, Snow White and The Adventures of Little Red.

Big Screen Entertainment (BSEG), established in 2005 is an entertainment company with diversified presence in motion picture production, distribution, digital distribution and global sales.

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Lorraine Lee – Big@bigscreenent.com