MONTREAL, March 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MFMK innovates once again by offering its clientele an even more complete and diversified experience. After a complete redesign of the platform, MFMK’s users can now access plenty of new services such as detailed silhouette analysis, chat with their stylist, personalized clothing recommendations and even participate in live videoconference sessions. While classic styling services usually cost more than $200 for a single session, MFMK stands out with a full range of services at a very affordable price!

When Elise Lachance created MFMK in 2015, after having worked as a stylist for over 10 years, she was driven by the desire to offer her services to a broader public. She surrounded herself with a team of stylists who, through MFMK’s platform, could submit clothing suggestions to people looking for a new style or trendy findings.

Being always attentive to the needs of her clientele, it became clear to Elise that MFMK’s users wanted more than clothing recommendations. That’s why she decided to completely rethink her service to push it to another level. With all the ways that the platform now offers to assist its users with their fashion challenges, MFMK is positioning itself as the essential and accessible fashion expert in Canada.

A New Era of Personalization
Although Elise has seen the full potential of basing her business on new technologies, she fully realizes the inestimable value of real stylists and wants them to be at the heart of her project. Thus, it is important to know that all the advice and choices provided by MFMK are always the fruits of a passionate team of stylists and not algorithms. Innovation only widens the range of possibilities offered by MFMK, at a lower cost!

How it works?
In order to access all the services now offered by MFMK, users can choose the package that suits their needs and their budgets. Through fashion credits, they will be able to access the various services that remain very affordable for such comprehensive and personalized support. Finally, MFMK’s large catalogue contains brands such as Simons, Tristan, Aldo and Vero Moda, to name just a few.

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