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CALGARY, Alberta, March 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LRP V Luxembourg Holdings S.à r.l. ("LRP V") announces that it has disposed of 502,376 Class A Non-Voting Shares (the "Akita Non-Voting Shares") in the capital of AKITA Drilling Ltd. (the "Company" or "Akita") representing 1.32% of the outstanding Akita Non-Voting Shares.

502,376 Akita Non-Voting Shares were disposed of at a price of C$3.25 per share for aggregate proceeds of C$1,633,023.  Prior to these transactions, LRP V owned 4,226,641 Akita Non-Voting Shares representing 11.14% of the outstanding Akita Non-Voting Shares. Upon completion of the dispositions, LRP V owns and controls 3,724,265 Akita Non-Voting Shares representing 9.81% of the outstanding Akita Non-Voting Shares.

LRP V disposed of the Akita Non-Voting Shares to monetize a portion of its investment in Akita.  LRP V may in the future take such actions in respect of its shareholdings in Akita as it may deem appropriate in light of the circumstances then existing, including the purchase of additional shares or other securities of Akita through open market purchases or private transactions, or the sale of all or a portion of their holdings of Akita in the open market or private transactions.

For further details about LRP V's disposition of the Akita Non-Voting Shares, see the Early Warning Report dated March 29, 2019 available on Akita's SEDAR profile. Alternatively, please contact Patrick Lauria, Authorized Representative at LRP V by telephone at +352-264491 for additional information about or to request a copy of the early warning reports filed in connection with this news release.

LRP V's head office is located at 6, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.