GENEVA, Switzerland and GLAND, Switzerland, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Primequal, a world leader in innovative delivery systems for surgery and robotic procedures, announced today the receipt of CE Mark approval for Talent IHTM, the first product emanating from the Company’s game-changing surgical injection technology. Talent IH is a surgical glue applicator that provides cost-effective and strong mesh fixation during inguinal hernia surgery. As no staples, tackers and stitches are needed, using Talent IH is painless and allows patients to recover more quickly.

“Gaining CE Mark for Talent IH is a significant accomplishment for Primequal as this application required rigorous regulatory review against very high clinical and safety standards. It further demonstrates our ability to deliver innovative surgical products that provide superior benefits to clinicians and patients, particularly at a time when regulatory authorities are highlighting the higher risks and accidents often seen with surgical staplers,” said David Weill, Founder and CEO of Primequal.

About Talent IH

Talent IH (Inguinal hernia) is the world’s first versatile adhesive applicator for hernia repair surgery, which is also compatible with robotic surgery. The product was designed and developed in collaboration with surgeons based on Primequal’s unique platform for innovative delivery solutions. Talent IH’s innovative patented “1click 1dose” technology controls the precision and recurrence of the glue micro dose, with the possibility of a contactless delivery. For surgeons, Talent IH provides superior benefits through its simple, easy positioning, precise and potentially contactless dosing, and compatibility with different surgical glues. These attributes could also translate to a significant improvement in patient care and safety.

About Primequal

Primequal is a multiple award-winning company developing innovative delivery systems for surgery and robotic procedures, including minimal invasive surgery, and pharmaceutical products. The company is currently developing tailor-made injectable solutions for the medtech and pharmaceutical industry from its ISO13485 certified headquarters in Switzerland. Further information can be found at


David Weill, Founder and CEO
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