Company announcement no. 12/2019
Copenhagen, 9 April 2019

First validation of the earnings potential of Conferize. Forecast for Q2 2019.

Conferize A/S announces today the first validation of the potential of Conferize's business model. The first crucial step in Conferize's commercial strategy is to establish an ever-increasing revenue stream through fees on ticket sale. There are currently tickets on sale on the Conferize Platform in Q2 2019 for DKK 15.3 million. In addition to this ongoing ticket sales, ticket sales for DKK 52.1 million have been established for events not yet activated, why it is not yet known whether the Conferizes platform will actually be used.

“We have experienced people questioning the potential of the business idea and the very simple engine behind ticket fees. But already here a few months after the launch of our new platform and the introduction of ticket fees, we begin to see the potential. The events that are held here in the second quarter and which have already activated their ticket sales, have a total estimated ticket sales of over DKK 15 million. That is potentially a lot of money that we help our customers earn - and money that we can charge a fee” says CEO and Founder Martin Ferro-Thomsen, and continues:

“We now see our massive growth in event organizers and signups propagating in increased earnings opportunities. We see that the model works. By bundling together all the necessary tools on the same user-friendly platform, we allow event organizers to create events of greater value. Which in turn attracts more organizers and more events. Fee on ticket sale is just the first revenue stream in a wide range of revenue opportunities, and although our actual earnings depend, of course, on whether the individual organizers manage to sell their tickets, we are confident, that we will realize the revenue goals of our commercial strategy.

Conferize charges a very competitive fee of 2.5% on all ticket transaction, however with a maximum fee of EUR 10. The fee was introduced at the launch of the Company's latest Event Management Platform on November 30, 2018 and applies to events created after November 30, 2018.

In 2017, the global market for Online Event Ticketing was estimated at DKK 308.6 billion. (source: Grand View Research Inc: Online Event Ticketing Market, 2018)

On Conferize
Conferize is a digital platform for event organizers and attendees. Too many events and conferences are still planned and realized following a template from a time when the world was still analog. This means that the attendees benefit too little in terms of networking, knowledge sharing and participation, and organizers struggle with old-fashioned and incomplete products, ultimately resulting in a bad experience for the attendees.

Conferize solves this fundamental problem by offering a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for the organizer and creates greater value for the attendees – before, during and after the event. At the same time, Conferize connects users and content in a global network of events, providing an overview of an otherwise fragmented industry. Conferize has been used by thousands of events in more than 140 countries and has been official partner for TEDx since 2014.

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