LEXINGTON, Mass., April 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FamilyID, the premier provider of online registration tools for schools and community organizations, today announced the launch of its mobile app, FamilyID Pro, available for iOS and Android.

FamilyID Pro gives coaches, instructors and chaperones the most efficient way to view rosters and emergency cards, track attendance for events, and notify parents of absences. School and community organization staff in 44 states nationwide can now gain immediate access to critical data while on the playing field, on a field trip, or at any event where immediate access to real-time student information is needed.

FamilyID has transformed the way families sign up for programs with its unique approach to helping schools and community organizations easily manage the registration process, while enabling families to find, register and pay for programs and keep track of their personal information. 

“While the entire FamilyID platform is mobile-friendly, we created a very specific app designed to drastically improve efficiency for people who are working ‘in the field’,” said Rochelle Nemrow, founder and CEO of FamilyID. “Checking rosters, accessing emergency information and notifying parents of absences are tasks that need to be done in real-time in often chaotic environments where paper-based systems are error prone and inefficient. FamilyID Pro gives schools and community organizations the tools to be more efficient and effective.” 

Account administrators for organizations using FamilyID can grant mobile app access to coaches, instructors and other personnel allowing them to:

  • Instantly create attendance sheets for any class, field trip, game or practice
  • Send absence notifications to parents in real-time directly from their mobile device
  • Immediately access up-to-date rosters and reports
  • Access critical health and contact information in case of an emergency      

FamilyID Pro is available via the App Store and Google Play. For more information, contact FamilyID at news@familyid.com or visit https://try.familyid.com/mobile.

About FamilyID

FamilyID helps organizations efficiently manage program registrations and payments. Participants enter their information once to register for a variety of programs. From schools to clubs, summer camps to sports, all kinds of programs use FamilyID to offer the convenience of online registration, improve administrative efficiency and attract new participants.

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