LONDON, April 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Curio, the world’s first audio journalism platform, today announced the availability of its app in the United States. The Curio app includes thousands of hours of narrated recordings of stories from some of the most notable and respected media outlets including The Financial Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and others.  Curio is also giving U.S. users an extended taste of its offering, with a free-tier of its highly curated programming of thought-provoking, professionally narrated articles. Curio is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play, paving the way for narrated journalism consumption anytime, anywhere.

Launched last fall in the United Kingdom, Curio has been experiencing rapid growth in English speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, with the average subscriber spending over 57 minutes per session listening to Curio’s curated stories from their mobile phones or from their computer with the Curio Web Player.

Through highly personalized audio content, Curio invites users to relax, look around, and enjoy world-class journalism. The articles are expertly paired with award-winning narrators from around the globe for an enjoyable audio experience.  Curio allows users to browse by topic, publication, and by the duration of the story - as little as five minutes. Once selected, the story will be read aloud much like a podcast. In addition, Curio is ad-free and all on-demand content is available for offline listening, so users can experience the narrated stories in the car, subway, airplane, while at the gym, and anywhere on the go.

“In today’s always-connected world of information overload and abundant claims of fake news, Curio is the antidote – real, thoughtful and trustworthy journalism,” said Govind Balakrishnan, CEO of Curio. “New information is continually being generated at an ever-increasing pace, and it becomes challenging to take stock of what is real and what is important. We started Curio to create an experience where people would get wiser, more fulfilled and become more empathetic to the world around them - with minimal effort. In tandem with our amazing media partners and their journalists we are achieving that vision, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we are bringing to the world.”

Curio offers access to thousands of high-quality narrated stories from some of the most respected and insightful publications in the world. All content available on Curio including those from The Financial Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Aeon, Salon, and The Washington Post, is carefully curated and aggregated under one roof.

Pricing & Availability
Curio offers 10 tracks free of charge so anyone can experience inspired and intelligent journalistic stories. Users can also become members for $6.99 per month, or for a discounted subscription rate of $59.99 per year. The Curio app for iOS is available for download HERE, and the Android app is available HERE.

About Curio
Curio is the brainchild of Govind Balakrishnan and Srikant Chakravarti. An audio platform, which is changing the way people connect with journalism.

While working at the BBC, Govind noticed high-quality journalism was facing challenges. Powerful stories were being told, but they were not getting the engagement they deserved, so, in 2016, Curio was born.

Curio turns high-quality journalism into beautifully narrated audio content, helping people get smarter, feel fulfilled and become more empathetic to the world around them - with none of the effort.

For more information please visit and follow @Curioio on Twitter and on Instagram, and visit us on for ongoing conversations. 

Curio does not sell user data to third parties. Please read our Privacy Policy for the most comprehensive information about your relationship with us.

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