CHICAGO, April 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dimension Craft Inc. and Raw Sugar Living joined forces to create a first-of-its-kind exhibit for April’s sold out Beautycon New York trade show.

The innovative, eye-catching exhibit marks Dimension Craft’s initial venture into Beautycon New York after 48 years of servicing clients at retail and other industry trade shows around the world. The partnership with Raw Sugar Living is an advantageous one for both sides: Dimension Craft breaks ground in an emerging trade show market with one of its most distinct looking exhibits to date, and Raw Sugar Living gets a tested and proven trade show veteran to handle every detail of its first show presence.

“We’re tremendously excited to welcome Raw Sugar Living as a new client and be a part of their emergence in the trade show market,” said Peter Hetzel, Dimension Craft president. “We’re confident they will be a major player at Beautycon for years to come, and we just love to see the buzz their exhibit created on the show floor.”

Founded in 2014, Raw Sugar Living is “a plant-based lifestyle brand on a mission to promote clean and healthy living through products that are good for the body and nourish the soul,” according to their web site. Founders Ronnie Shugar and Donda Mullis are hoping exhibition space at renowned industry show Beautycon New York will open their product to a new segment of potential buyers, leading to ROI and more trade shows in the coming months and years.

“As a lifestyle and personal care brand, it is important that we develop products that keep us engaged with our consumers,” said Ronnie Shugar, Raw Sugar Living co-founder and CEO. “Our goal was to create a memorable and unique experience - something for them to remember. This was a great show with Beautycon, as it was also our first time there. Many of Beautycon's staff had even told us that our booth was one of the top favorites! We are looking forward to many more in the future.”

Dimension Craft offers a suite of solutions and service offerings for trade show and non-trade show 3D marketing environment settings alike. To learn more or to request a free consultation, contact them today.

About Dimension Craft:

Founded in Chicago in 1971, Dimension Craft Inc. delivers diverse, innovative and custom solutions that address the trade show exhibit and marketing needs of its clients. Dimension Craft’s 130,000-square-foot warehouse includes its own graphics company, metals shop, woodshop, design department and office space, allowing for truly full-service offerings for their clients. Notable clients of Dimension Craft include Volvo, AT&T, Wahl Clipper, Amtrak, Great Dane Trailers and more.

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