FOREST HILL, Md., May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading event software provider, CadmiumCD, announced the launch of the “Champion Role” feature in their Education Harvester platform. This new functionality allows clients with VIP speakers to grant a supporting individual access to a speaker’s task list without compromising data privacy. This new feature is available in the Pro Level of the Education Harvester.

“Many clients have requested an easy way for non-administrators to manage information from individual speakers,” says Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD CEO and Co-Founder. “We are pleased to be able to deliver an elegant solution that also respects the individual’s privacy.”

Wyatt says there are three types of roles in this new feature:

  1. Helpers can login to the speaker portal on behalf of a single speaker to complete his/her presentation-related tasks without seeing any private information.
  2. Champions have a dashboard to manage multiple speakers. Similar to the Helper, they can login to individual speakers and complete presentation-related tasks for them.
  3. Moderators are considered a type of presenter in the Education Harvester and therefore have tasks they themselves need to complete. In addition, they can also invite speakers to their sessions. Once a speaker is invited and accepts, Moderators can login to individual speaker dashboards to complete tasks.

The information that Helpers, Champions, and Moderators can access for their assigned speakers is presentation-related and does not include sensitive or personal data.

Wyatt says that this is different than typical speaker management tools because it allows conference administrators with a large number of speakers to assign non-administrators to track individual speaker progress. These non-administrators can monitor speakers who have already been invited and/or have assigned roles and presentations. Rather than soliciting new speakers, it’s meant to allow an assigned individual, approved by the meeting administrator, to complete or gather information that would normally be completed by the speaker.

The Champion Role feature is now available to all CadmiumCD clients currently using the Pro Education Harvester. Prospective clients can gain access by requesting a demo at

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