SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Netifi, developer of a next-generation platform for reactive microservices and cloud-native applications, announced today Arsalan Farooq has been named CEO. He was CEO and co-founder of Convirture, which was acquired by Persistent Systems/Accelerite, in 2015.

Farooq brings 25 years of experience in software management and business development spanning both start-ups and large companies. Previously, he founded Oracle's Application Service Level Management division, growing it from two engineers to a multi-national organization. His career started as a software designer and in college he founded a technology consultancy. He holds degrees in Theoretical Physics and Computer Science from Reed College and Caltech.

Farooq joins the three co-founders in management who have 30-plus years combined experience building, scaling, and operating large distributed systems at companies such as Netflix, Nike, Cisco and JPMorgan Chase. In August last year, it was announced that Netifi secured $2 million in seed funding with Dell Technologies Capital as the lead investor.

“As the founding team, we immediately felt that Arsalan was the right leader for the next phase of our company building on the work we’ve done to create a community around the open source RSocket protocol that is the basis for our product, as well as proof-of-concept projects with early customers,” said Robert Roeser, co-founder and the former CEO who will take a new role as chief innovation officer. “We’ve been impressed with how quickly Arsalan was able to see the promise of Netifi’s technology while recognizing the pain points it addresses, along with his enthusiasm for the impact that Netifi can make on the software development process.”

“Arsalan brings a strong record of building businesses with experience at both startups and large enterprise software companies to complement Netifi’s strong technical team,” said Creighton Hicks, partner, Dell Technologies Capital. “He has a vision for what Netifi can accomplish along with technical acumen and tremendous energy making him the perfect leader to fulfill Netifi’s promise.”

With its specially-designed platform, Netifi takes an entirely new approach with communication designed specifically for cloud-native applications using less overhead to deliver high performance. The Netifi platform, built on RSocket, provides the infrastructure that makes it much simpler to productively develop and deploy microservices and cloud-native applications. Recent testing has shown the Netifi platform delivered nearly four times higher throughput while maintaining three times better latency in comparison with common service mesh solutions.

Microservices and cloud-native applications that take advantage of infrastructure provided by cloud computing providers promise to transform application development. In its “FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2019 Predictions,” International Data Corporation (IDC) reported, “By 2022, 90 percent of all new apps will feature microservices architectures that improve the ability to design, debug, update, and leverage third-party code; 35 percent of all production apps will be cloud native.”

“The inherent complexity associated with distributed applications requires an entirely new approach to fill the painful technology gap faced by enterprises looking to use microservices and those building cloud-native applications,” said Arsalan Farooq. “Feedback from our work with early Fortune 500 enterprise customers shows we are on the right path to resolving the development and operational problems resulting in applications that are easier to scale, less failure prone and easier to operate.”

About Netifi
Netifi is building and delivering next-generation software for reactive microservices and cloud-native applications that is based on RSocket open source technology. Netifi is part of the core team developing RSocket, along with Netflix, Facebook and Pivotal Software. The Netifi platform provides infrastructure that makes it much simpler to productively develop and deploy microservices and cloud-native applications. Netifi was incubated by The Alchemist Accelerator, a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers). For more information, visit