PISCATAWAY, N.J., June 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp (OTCQB: HMMR) announced today that its subsidiary, 1stPoint Communications, will resume offering Internet Services in Huntsville, Homewood and Birmingham, Alabama. This is a significant milestone in the deployment of Hammer’s “Everything Wireless” strategy. In July 2018 1stPoint acquired the assets of Hiwaay Information Services, Inc. Hiwaay had supplied Internet access to enterprise, small business and residential customers through dial-up and DSL before discontinuing the services in 2016 and 2017. 1stPoint had acquired the remaining web hosting and enterprise Internet access business as well as Hiwaay’s Homewood edge colocation facility.

Building on the strong brand recognition, Hammer will begin deploying wireless residential customers in partnership with other operators until it can expand its own network infrastructure in the market. “The Hiwaay name is very well known in the Huntsville marketplace. Customers are turning to us asking for a low cost, high quality alternative for residential and small business Internet access,” said Kristen Vasicek, Hammer’s COO, who led the purchase of the Hiwaay assets. Hammer will focus on the delivery of residential and small businesses in Huntsville, while concentrating on business and enterprise services in Birmingham and Homewood, where it continues to maintain its edge data center.

“We see Alabama and the southeastern United States as a key market segment. The corridor between Nashville, Birmingham and Atlanta will be a near-term focus for our operations in the United States,” said Erik Levitt, Hammer’s CEO, who also participated in closing the Hiwaay asset purchase. Hammer’s proprietary AIR™ technology provides a significant competitive advantage in certain markets that are considered underserved due to the requirement for long range, reliable communications. “Our objective is to provide the fastest and most reliable communications possible to the global citizen, whether that is here in the United States or in any of our operating territories.”

About Hammer
Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp. (OTCQB:HMMR) is a telecommunications company investing in the future of wireless technology. Hammer’s “Everything Wireless” go to market strategy includes the development of high-speed fixed wireless service for residential and small businesses using its wireless fiber platform, Hammer Wireless® AIR, Over-the-Top services such as voice, SMS and video collaboration services, the construction of smart city networks and hosting services including cloud and colocation. For more information contact our Investor Relations Team at info@hammerfiber.com.