TORONTO, June 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dotmobile™ continues to engage Canadians in the fight for more affordable wireless service options by showing what is possible using new and emerging digital technologies. Starting today, dotmobile™ members can provide feedback on planned features, upvote the ones most important to them and collaborate with other members and the dotmobile™ team.

“We’ve seen the problems that many Canadians face with their current providers. There’s so much that can be done to improve efficiency, experience, and affordability - and our members are by far the best people to validate our ideas. With our new Build it! page they can weigh in on concepts, designs and eventually even test out prototypes,” says Alex Bauman, CXO of dotmobile™.

dotmobile™ is a tiny telecom, or MVNO, being built as a smartphone application. The all-digital model, modern cloud infrastructure, and reduced operational complexity will bring significant savings to its members. Progressive service providers around the world - finance, insurance, entertainment, transportation - are already delivering on this promise by making their digital services efficient, intelligent and purposefully designed.   

“Rather than thinking about where to put another tower or antenna, we are looking at the best way to deliver a SIM card (physical or over the air with eSIM), building robust cost control tools, pay-per-gig data with perpetual rollover and other smart features that will help optimize the total amount spent on wireless service,” says Algis Akstinas, CEO of dotmobile™.

dotmobile™ submitted proposals to mobile network operators during the Canadian Telecom Summit, focusing on the needs of moderate, transient, and temporary users. According to a late 2018 report from the CRTC, 99% of Canadians have access to fast LTE networks, 51% are on moderate plans that include 2GB or less of wireless data and unexpected data overage charges make up 10% of an average $65.33/month wireless bill.

“The spectrum licenses held by the big telecoms require them to share their networks with each other, at a wholesale rate of about 1.4c/MB. This goes all the way back to 2015. As Minister Bains said this week at the summit, we will find a threshold that works for MVNOs,”  says Algis Akstinas, CEO of dotmobile.

“At dotmobile™ we believe there is more to the issue than just price. That’s why we are asking Canadians to collaborate with us on our Build it! page and help design a wireless carrier that fits their needs instead of the other way around,” adds Alex Bauman, CXO of dotmobile.

Data on Tap Inc. is building dotmobile™, a smart tiny telecom with a simple goal - to make wireless more affordable and awesome for youth, seniors, students, newcomers, visitors to the country, small businesses, and families that want to save. Data On Tap™, dotmobile™, dot.™ and the dotmobile logo are trademarks of Data On Tap Inc.

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