• Digital users of Banco Azteca will be able to carry out multiple operations from the Instant Messaging App
  • The Mexican bank consolidates its position as one of the leading financial institutions in the digital sector

MEXICO CITY, June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banco Azteca, S.A., a banking and financial services institution committed to the development of financial products and services that generate progress and well-being in the communities in which it operates, and a subsidiary of Grupo Elektra (BMV: ELEKTRA*; Latibex: XEKT), announced today that is adding WhatsApp, the global leader in instant messaging services, as a new customer service channel for its digital clients.

Banco Azteca will offer assistance and support to its users via WhatsApp for account management and operations such as money transfers, checking balances, buying airtime, and opening accounts, among others.

The announcement was made after a meeting between executives of both companies, who indicated that at the end of June the Mexican bank will launch a pilot program through which it will gradually incorporate these functionalities.

This new customer support channel is added to the mobile application of Banco Azteca, which today has more than 5 million users and which targets to have 7 million users as of the end of 2019. Like digital banking, the services that will be offered through this network will be available to users 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Regarding this announcement, Alejandro Valenzuela, CEO of Banco Azteca and Azteca Servicios Financieros, commented: "This effort allows us to advance our objectives of promoting education and financial inclusion in Mexico, while placing us at the forefront in the digital banking sector."

Juan Carlos Arroyo, Director of Digital Banking at Banco Azteca, added that "with this new assistance and customer service offer, we will be able to incorporate a greater number of digital clients and position ourselves on the correct path to being a leading institution in the digital transformation of financial services.”

Banco Azteca confirms its commitment to continuous innovation and improvement of its products and services and the promotion of inclusive prosperity for all Mexicans.

About Banco Azteca

It is a 16-year-old financial institution that offers consumer, personal, group, and pawn loans, credit cards, and deposit and investment options. In addition to Mexico, it also operates in Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Peru. Since it started operations, Banco Azteca has been an institution that is committed to the development of financial products and services that generate progress and well-being for low-income families. With 1,800 branches, Banco Azteca has the second-largest banking network in Mexico.

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