Toronto, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canndora, one of Canada's leading cannabis accessories brands and vibrant communities for elevated women, is releasing an exclusive curation of products celebrating the first summer post cannabis legalization. The Hotbox Edition, with its visually stunning, innovative and coveted cannabis accessories is designed to provide a truly elevated experience to women who want to enjoy their cannabis freely and on the go.

“We want the products featured in the Hotbox Edition to reflect the spirit of the cannabis-loving woman, who loves to indulge herself, especially in the summer, when she wants to get together and toke with friends at the cottage or generally wants to enjoy the outdoors with a blunt or bong. Our products are the perfect carry-alongs for such occasions!,” says Abi Roach, founder of Hotbox Holdings and owner/operator of the iconic, Hotbox Cafe.

The Canndora HotBox Edition curation includes:

Hotbox Smell-proof purse

Travel in smell-proof style with the official Hotbox smell-proof clutch, made with vegan leather and carbon-lined with a trendy Hotbox liner.

Hotbox Bamboo rolling tray

The 4x6 Hotbox Bamboo Rolling Tray is custom made to fit into the Hotobx Smell proof clutch. 

Hotbox Vacuum seal jar

Ensure your cannabis stays fresh with these Hotbox vacuum jars. Each jar can hold approximately half an ounce.

Hotbox 3-piece grinder

The Official Hotbox 3-piece grinder with kief screen and scraper. Subtle and space-saving, this grinder is perfect for in a clutch, purse, or pocket.

Canndora Darling 6 pk

Beautiful ready-to-fill Canndora Darlings. Canndora Darlings are printed on tree-free all-natural hemp paper, from a mix of edible soy, hempseed oil and natural pigments.

$15 gift card

This is the perfect opportunity to get the accessory you’ve had your eye on.

Canndora is committed to ending stigma and normalizing the use of cannabis, especially by women who may feel pressured to hide their cannabis consumption. This collaboration with Hotbox and Abi Roach, a true industry pioneer who has been at the forefront of the normalization of consumption movement, fits in perfectly with Canndora’s core values.

The Hotbox Edition is valued at over $150 and is available for $125 at

For media inquiries, contact: Danielle McKay, Marketing and Communications Coordinator,, (905) 808-7230, Marigold PR, Canndora, Elevated Accessories.

About Canndora

Canndora is a lifestyle brand, community and online shop featuring beautiful curated cannabis accessories and brands. Launched in 2017, Canndora connects women and cannabis through events, content, conversation and a trusted shopping experience. Visit for more details.

About Hotbox Holdings

Established in 2000 by Abi Roach, the Hotbox Lounge + Shop is the first of its kind in Canada. Primarily located in Toronto's Kensington Market, this is the place to be for people to consume cannabis and socialize. Hotbox has served over two million customers over the past two decades by providing curated cannabis experiences incorporating education and a sense of community, not to mention high-end cannabis accessories.



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