TORONTO, July 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Travelers in need now have two friends indeed as PenguinPickUp (PPU), a nationwide network of convenient locations for online deliveries, joins forces with BagsAway, an on-demand luggage storage network, to give travelers a needed break from their luggage.

While modern travel evolved beyond the confines of the classic hotel room into home-sharing via Airbnb and its counterparts, the absence of dedicated concierge services in Airbnb rentals and a lack of storage facilities in travel hubs and city centres left a gap in the traveler journey, creating a desperate need for luggage storage that has gone unmet – until now.

“This often unanticipated problem leaves global travelers stranded with their bags on arrival and departure days, though the need is not exclusive to travelers staying in alternate accommodations,” says Eugene Veeden Co-Founder & CEO of BagsAway. “Many customers use the service to reduce travel logistics from the hotel or conference or to make better use of a day in the city, temporarily storing shopping bags, groceries and other items weighing them down.” Travelers and locals can now win precious hours back by conveniently dropping their bags at PPU locations around the city, freeing their hands and their time to explore, experience and sightsee without their bags in the way.

BagsAway’s online booking platform ( connects travelers with local businesses that allocate unused storage space, in a sharing-economy model, to keep traveler’s luggage for a few hours or days. With PenguinPickUp locations already on standby with space and staff, the collaboration between the companies is a match made in business model heaven! The partnership will also greatly reduce the partner vetting process, providing travelers with utmost safety and security for their bags on their travels in Toronto and across major Canadian cities.

Storage bookings are made easy online and require no download - users choose a city or address, enter dates and times, and select an available location from the map. The confirmation email provided to the partner and customer serves as a two-way receipt to present on-location where the bags are tagged, sealed and are protected by insurance. The entire process is pre-paid and cash-free. Customers can also cancel their reservation at any time prior to drop-off with no penalty, providing optimal peace of mind on their journeys.

In addition to providing a space to store baggage at PPU locations this strategic partnership will bring added value and convenience to travelers through other on-location services. This gives them an access point to which they can deliver international products not otherwise attainable in their countries of origin or a location to ship groceries to upon arrival, especially to those utilizing short-term rental accommodations. “We are thrilled to partner with BagsAway to offer travelers secure and convenient drop-off locations for their bags during their travels in Canada,” says Egil Moller Nielsen SVP, head of PenguinPickUp. “Travelers regain time and freedom to explore a lot more of the city without their bags in the way. PenguinPickUp locations are happy to provide utmost safely and convenience as travelers make the most of their trips.”

Both companies share the mutual goal of providing customers with convenient and time saving solutions. So go on travelers, drop it like it’s hot and make each moment of your trip count!

About BagsAway:

BagsAway is on a mission to redefine the everyday journey for travelers and locals alike by connecting them with partner locations that offer their space for short-term storage. Customers select and book storage with a location of their choice across North America and beyond at and proceed to drop-off and collect their items. Our partners are local businesses, shops and storefronts - together we create a network of convenient, low-cost and secure storage locations on-demand, with the ultimate goal of giving people a break from their bags!

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About PenguinPickUp:

PenguinPickUp is a network of 110 free, convenient “one-stop pick-up” for all e-commerce purchases including groceries, courier and dry cleaning services.  PenguinPickUp offers a customer-focused experience that allows online shoppers living in urban areas to come and pick up their packages at their convenience.  Since its launch three years ago, customers have shipped purchases from more than 5,000 different retailers to PenguinPickUp. With extended operating hours, customers can collect their online purchases at a time that is convenient for them.  PenguinPickUp locations can store fresh and frozen food as well as hard goods such as electronics and apparel. Customers can ship almost anything to PenguinPickUp from anywhere in the world and any online retailer. PenguinPickUp and PenguinPickUp Market selling farm-fresh food are owned by Mitchell Goldhar, Executive Chairman of SmartCentres. 

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