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Canson® Infinity presents their guide for photographers

How to best store a Canson® Infinity paper print

Annonay, France, July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For nearly half a millennium, Canson® has been producing the world's finest art papers for the greatest artists and designers. Masters including Degas, Ingres, Picasso, Matisse and Warhol have all been inspired to choose Canson® for their most iconic pieces. Drawing on this deep heritage, Canson® Infinity creates museum grade papers for digital art and photo printing, and is now sharing tips and tricks to maximize print longevity.   

How long should photographers wait before handling prints or canvases?

Once a photograph is printed on Canson® Infinity paper, the drying time ranges from 1 hour for the resin coated (RC), to 2 to 3 hours for matt paper (depending on surrounding temperature and humidity). Canvases require a significantly longer drying time of up to 24 hours. 

How should prints be stored?

The finished prints should be stored away from any dust, UV light, humidity and acidic ambiance to increase the longevity of prints. For further protection, use Canson Infinity Glassine Rolls are ideal for protecting, conserving and archiving art: photography, illustrations, pencil, inks, markers, paintings, pastels etc. 

How should non-printed Canson® Infinity papers be stored?

To best protect non-printed Canson® Infinity papers, the ideal storage is in the original packaging, ie in the polyethylene bag and then in the box. Any contact with direct light, humidity or any acidic ambiance should also be avoided.  

Canson® Infinity Archival storage boxes

To further protect the most cherished prints, Canson® Infinity Archival Photo Storage Boxes are designed to conserve photographs and documents. 

Made from selected Archival board which meets the requirements of ISO 9706 for paper permanence, this material contains also a high level of alpha cellulose, is produced in neutral pH conditions (acid free) without OBA or recycled material, and conforms to the PAT (Photographic Activity Test according to ISO 18916) to ensure the integrity of prints over time. 

The surface is covered with a specially selected black Wibalin® Buckram paper which offers a high water- and lightfastness. 

The box contains a PH neutral ribbon for improved handling and removal of photographs / documents and 25 sheets of glassine to help protect prints from scratching and abrasion. The sizes are designed to accommodate 85 x 11 and 13 x 19 inch paper.

About Canson® Infinity

Looking back on a long history in the field of photography, today Canson® is the last pioneering photographic paper manufacturer that is still in business! 

In 1865, Canson® filed and acquired an international patent for the improvement of albumen papers, one of the first processes for the production of photographic paper to be developed at the time. This patent consistent of the improvement of the final rendering of the image, while avoiding the costly gold toning process generally practiced when performing the original process. 

Today, Canson® retains its spirit of innovation and combines centuries of experience with cutting edge technology in the manufacture of its paper. Canson® favors the use of natural minerals and the purest of materials, without optical brighteners, to provide printing materials that are resistant to ageing. The papers and canvases within the Canson® Infinity range for photography and digital art publishing deliver unparalleled and durable printing results, as well as optimal chromatic rendering with a large color gamut, a strong D-Max and excellent image sharpness.


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