Palm Desert, California, July 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --                                                 

The newest marketing firm in Palm Desert is turning heads as its opening month turns a hefty profit for both the firm and its clients. Specializing in the consumer electronics realm, Chella Valley Premier Marketing strives to bring a unique dynamic to the marketing and customer service associated with its products and services.

Chella Valley Premier Marketing President, Lewis Carruthers hails from Las Vegas, NV. Mr. Carruthers spent 10 years serving in the United States Air Force before deciding to focus his natural talents on business. Upon completion of his service, Mr. Carruthers owned and operated a successful glass repair company for several years before selling his business in order to explore new ventures. Operating out of Palm Desert allows Mr. Carruthers to maintain an active role in the lives of his family while also taking advantage of the heavily saturated consumer electronics market. Mr. Carruthers explains, “When it’s your time to step up, you can’t fight that urge. You have to trust that your instincts and your knowledge are going to steer you in the direction of success. This is an opportunity for me to prove what my team and I can do, and we intend to take full advantage of it.”

Additionally, "We plan to offer a completely new dynamic to the Palm Desert Valley from an educational customer service and marketing standpoint that’s never been seen here before,” Mr. Carruthers states. “The consistent goal is to offer these services to the community while simultaneously growing our presence here in the Valley.” During its first month, Chella Valley Premier Marketing increased the collective revenue of its clients by just over $20,000 USD, a feat never before seen in the region. Prior to the end of this calendar year, Mr. Carruthers plans to expand his talents and consumer-focused dynamic to Northern Utah as well as Central Colorado. When asked about how he intends to maintain his consistency, Mr. Carruthers stated, “It all starts with making a genuine connection with the community. If you can’t empathize with the people, you can’t help them.”
Mr. Carruthers’ goals for the remainder of 2019 go well beyond the city of Palm Desert as he plans on speaking at multiple nationwide conferences this year to spread his pathway of success to others. Mr. Carruthers also plans on extending his local reach to 3 additional retailers within the Coachella Valley prior to the end of this year.

Chella Valley Premier Marketing Lewis Carruthers, CEO 760-459-0211 74-710 CA-111 Suite 102 Palm Desert, CA 92260 Written by: Brandon Rash