LAS VEGAS, Aug. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – OrgHarvest, Inc. (OTC: ORGH) (“OrgHarvest” or the “Company,”) is pleased to announce a license agreement has been entered into by and between OrgHarvest Inc. ("Licensee") and Keith DeSanto of Rhamnolipid, Inc. (“Licensor”), which is located at 401 E. Jackson, Suite 2340, Tampa, FL 33602.

Licensor has invented and filed numerous pest and disease control agricultural application patents for rhamnolipid products in the cannabis and hemp industries. Hemp and cannabis rhamnolipid applications include specific blends, peptides, rhamnolipid liposomes, injection technology and pest repellants.

“The cannabis and hemp industries have been plagued by various diseases, pests and fungi in the cultivation process. We are excited to announce that Mr. DeSanto will be joining the OrgHarvest team as our vice president of technology, bringing with him this game-changing  rhamnolipid technology. This will mean fewer crop failures and preventable losses to our bottom line,” said Frank Celecia, CEO of OrgHarvest.

OrgHarvest seeks to launch cannabis cultivation and production operations in Las Vegas, Nevada, employing a high-tech, 100,000-square-foot glass greenhouse imported from the Netherlands that has the capacity to produce 450 pounds of cannabis flower per week, enabling the Company to potentially quadruple revenues after its second year of operation.

Carlos Calixto, COO of OrgHarvest, was very pleased to see the test results of these patent-pending rhamnolipid applications.  The Company is focused on acquisition of and/or joint venturing with cannabis dispensaries as well as the production and distribution of cannabis flower with high THC values and oils used in manufacturing edibles, beverages and pharmaceuticals. The Company expects to find a tremendous market in the sale of rhamnolipids to the hemp industry.

OrgHarvest’s competitive advantages include risk diversification through the approach of growing cannabis using a high-tech custom Dutch glasshouse manufactured in the Netherlands, which offers a unique combination of advantages unmatched by OrgHarvest’s competitors. Compared to other cannabis operations, the Company differentiates itself by offering a facility that can provide higher-quality and pest-free flowers and a stronger focus on developing strains and new products using exclusive patented technology.

Operational advantages of OrgHarvest’s new production system include:

  • Increased production rate and volume efficiencies.
  • Closed loop pressurized system.
  • Zero waste through a UV water recirculation system.
  • Odor remediation.
  • Reduced production and maintenance costs.
  • Lessened environmental health and safety concerns.
  • Lowered environmental impact through use of solar and renewable energy power off the grid.
  • Extensive third-party testing and verification.
  • Efficient, modern system that improves production efficiencies, lowering pricing by as much as 50% and enabling operating costs that up to 80% lower than competitors.
  • Provides "value-added" technology, allowing for increased production.
  • Patent licenses for microbial disease prevention, ensuring safe, organic crops.
  • Proven design, engineering and production team for sustained technological performance of the cannabis production system.
  • Experienced business management team to implement the Company’s business strategy and objectives.

Management Team

OrgHarvest’s management team and founders bring together unique and diverse backgrounds in terms of education, experience and expertise. Having an award-winning team behind OrgHarvest that is dedicated to strain development and organic production will be the key to producing high-quality THC flower. All of the products the Company distributes must first pass inspections conducted by independent third-party testing facilities followed by internal inspections before being delivered to end users.

The OrgHarvest management team has many years of combined business experience and is comprised of senior executives who each have a commendable track record in the technology industry. The Company’s management team includes Frank Celecia, president and CEO; Keith DeSanto, vice president of technology; Carlos Calixto, COO; and Rick Snelson, master grower. The Company’s board of directors includes Frank Celecia, Dr. Dean Cohen, Dean Ruffridge and James Adams.

ORGHARVEST offers an exceptional opportunity for investors interested in a unique combination of technology
and an innovative business model targeting the legal recreational and medicinal cannabis market in Las Vegas, Nevada. The timing of the market and the strong demand provide a winning combination for success.

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