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14 August 2019

Test auction

To test systems and settlement procedures, Nykredit will conduct a test auction in DKK-denominated bonds on Thursday 15 August 2019 through Nasdaq Copenhagen submarket for mortgage bond auctions subject to long settlement (136 – CPH Auctions).

The test auction will be held with 1 October 2019 as value date, and bids correct to three decimals will be accepted at the auction.

The following covered bond will be offered:

DK000952230-21% NYK 13H SDO October 2020 ITDKK10m
  • 09:00 -  Auction opens for bidding
  • 10:00 -  Auction closes
  • 10:09 -  Allotment of accepted bids at latest

Questions regarding the test auction may be addressed to Nykredit Realkredit A/S, Group Treasury, Kim Brodersen, tel. +45 44 55 24 21.


Other questions may be addressed to Corporate Communications, tel. +45 44 55 14 50.