PBSC Urban Solutions and BIXI Montréal are amping up the pedal power of Montreal’s public bike-share network. Starting today, 120 of PBSC’s next-generation E-FIT bikes join the BIXI fleet in a pilot project that will run until November 15, 2019. After the successful launch of PBSC’s electric pedal-assist products in several European and North American cities like Barcelona, Monaco and Detroit, the company is excited to bring its best-in-class e-bike technology to its hometown.

“Montrealers are bike-share pioneers; in the past decade they have repeatedly shown their dedication to this alternative form of transportation. With the E-FIT, BIXI is once-again proving itself to be ahead of the curve, opting to introduce an e-bike that gives users the option to go further, faster and smarter,” says Luc Sabbatini, CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions.

PBSC designed the E-FIT as well as its original BOOST e-bike, to fit seamlessly into existing public bike-share systems, removing barriers for cities and operators that want to offer mixed fleets. They use the same locking mechanism as the ICONIC bikes Montrealers know and love and can be docked at any station in the network. Plus, there’s no learning curve with the E-FIT — BIXI members and casual riders can still rent their bike at a station or through the dedicated mobile app.

The E-FIT’s central motor propels riders up to 32 km/h and on a full charge has an autonomy range of up to 70-km. It offers three-speeds for maximum rideability and is lightweight compared to its competitors. When combined with PBSC’s leading edge E-Station, the fully integrated battery starts charging the moment the bike is docked. For the BIXI pilot project, the organization’s expert team will take care of recharging the E-FIT batteries with their convoy of vehicles and in their warehouse.

“We’re proud to be one of the first bike-share companies in the world to include PBSC’s E-FIT in our fleet. Over the past 10+ years, BIXI has continued to innovate, offering its customers a service and product that far exceeds their expectations. The proof is in the numbers: daily trips are up more than 15 per cent once again this year. Our close collaboration with PBSC is undoubtedly one of the main factors behind this success,” says Christian Vermette, CEO of BIXI Montréal.

Montreal currently has the second largest bike-share network in North America and is a world-leader in the field. Since its launch in 2008, 1.3 million BIXI riders have taken 38 million trips.

About PBSC Urban Solutions

Through sustainable technology solutions for smart cities, PBSC is changing the world, one city at a time. As a leading global provider of bike sharing solutions and urban mobility pioneer, PBSC’s team develops, markets and operates – directly through its subsidiary operator, or indirectly through a global network of local partners – the most advanced and customizable urban solutions for smart cities. Recognized as a catalyst for social innovation, PBSC currently has four models of bicycles – ICONIC, FIT, BOOST and E-FIT– deployed around the world and continues to expand its global footprint of over 80,000 bikes and 6,400 stations - with more than 300 million rides so far!! For more information, visit



BIXI Montréal is a non-profit organization created by the City of Montreal to manage Montreal’s bike-share system. In 2019, the network had 7,250 bikes and 600 stations throughout Montreal as well as in Longueuil and Westmount. For more information, visit


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