Nanjing, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Whale Cloud, a leading digital transformation company, launched Alibaba’s Apsara Cloud platform on Ncell premises as the strategic move towards Ncell’s digital strategy. 

The legacy approaches that service providers traditionally rely on are no longer competitive in the digital era. The outdated data center approach is expensive and time-consuming, with no capabilities of scalability, security and automation. As an alternative, Whale Cloud leverages Alibaba’s Apsara Stack, a full-stack cloud solution created by Alibaba Cloud company. Apsara Stack employs a distributed architecture based on Alibaba Cloud to create an open, unified, and reliable cloud platform for enterprise-class customers. It offers flexible scalability without compromising the performance of the upper-layer applications, guarantees secure protection of enterprise data, and facilitates operation and maintenance management(O&M). Moreover, it provides AI platforms and state-of-the-art machine learning frameworks and supports elastic GPU computing services, making Apsara Stack an ideal platform for the development of smart applications.

Whale Cloud, the strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud company, implemented Apsara Cloud together with its Digital BSS solution to Ncell. With the cloud-native architecture design, Digital BSS can fully leverage the built-in technologies of Apsara Cloud including big data analytics, AI, middleware and security services to facilitate Ncell to develop business more intelligent, reliable, hyper-scalable and secure.

Apsara Cloud is the private cloud serving as the digital foundation for Ncell to accelerate the vision of “New Generation Digital Champion by 2020”. With this cloud platform, Ncell can leverage the accessibility of data intelligence and AI intelligence’s products and technologies. Ncell has adapted to this new agile IT platform to enhance the customer experience to meet ever-changing customer requirements. In the future, both core telecom business and vertical industry solutions will be migrated to the cloud platform to fully leverage the benefits from Apsara Cloud platform. 

The project between Whale Cloud and Ncell is the first built-in private cloud that is being deployed outside of China, as well as the showcase of Whale Cloud’s Digital BSS in supporting the telecom business. Whale Cloud will provide sustained support to ensure a successful digital transformation for Ncell and other telecom operators. Both Whale Cloud and Alibaba Cloud will continue to combine their strengths in cloud computing and big data analytics to boost the digital transformation service to global customers.

About Whale Cloud

Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading digital transformation company, providing cloud, analytics and AI-based software solutions to telecom operators, industrial enterprises and government sectors in more than 80 countries and regions. Founded in 2003, Whale cloud offers high-quality solutions and professional services to global customers. As part of the Alibaba group and an important partner of Alibaba Cloud's software service ecosystem, Whale Cloud brings intelligent services as a Cloud-Native Transformation Provider based on web-scale technologies and a deep understanding of the orchestration of Network and IT capabilities.

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