BERLIN, Sept. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

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Mobility leader Bombardier Transportation is working continuously on developments in technology and its potential to improve rail system services and is supporting Deutsche Bahn (DB) in its ambitious strategy to increase rail capacity. This is to address the German government’s transport and climate policies, which include a significant shift from road and air-based transportation to rail.

One example of how rail control and signalling technology is contributing to this pioneering plan can be seen in the BOMBARDIER EBI Lock 950 computer-based interlocking (CBI) system installed at Kreiensen station in northern Germany.

The advanced system, a forerunner of DB’s digital interlockings, provides the interface between central traffic control and trackside equipment to ensure trains run safely and efficiently through the high-capacity station area.

It utilises an advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based architecture, a key feature of modern digital interlockings. The system has regularly and reliably managed an area of approximately 60 km and supported over 300 services per day, with capacity to support more trains over a wider area if needed.

This year is seeing that higher-capacity functionality in action during the closure of the Hannover-Göttingen line which began in June and will continue until December. Since June, the interlocking has been successfully supporting fully-diverted services through Kreiensen, reflecting the system’s ability to support future growth.

Kreiensen is now playing an important role in maintaining diverted services during a six-month closure of the parallel Hannover-Göttingen line, on Germany’s heavily-used, high-speed north-south corridor, as part of DB’s overall renewal programme.

Supporting additional services today, preparing for capacity growth tomorrow
The high-performing, digital EBI Lock CBI at Kreiensen station was originally installed for the Deutsche Bahn Netz AG infrastructure division by Bombardier Transportation’s InoSig GmbH joint venture (JV) in 2011. In addition, the JV upgraded the existing EBI Lock system software ahead of line closure to further increase functionality, reliability and cyber security and improve system performance. The latest upgrade also met the requirements of the new European standard for interlockings, known as EULYNX/NeuPro in the German market, which is improving the interoperability of multi-supplier interlockings and their system-to-system communications, essential to effectively manage train movement along a line. Now proven to more reliably and digitally integrate with three neighbouring interlockings at Kreiensen, the recent update has made the Bombardier system the most interoperable on the DB network, fully set for future rail digitalisation.

Deutsche Bahn - a pioneer in digitilisation
DB’s Strong Rail strategy aims to increase network capacity by expanding and upgrading its network as well as implementing a Digital Rail for Germany programme, introducing the latest signalling technology to increase reliability and capacity. DB’s digital interlocking technology for Germany (Digitales Stellwerk, DSTW) is an evolution of the existing electronic interlockings installed on the network and an important step towards rail system digitalisation and the use of cloud-based technology. DSTWs utilise IP-based communication with field elements via a single data network rather than individual connections, amongst other features. Benefits include increased efficiency, able to manage objects over a longer distance whilst reducing equipment and costs; improved reliability, keeping trains running on time, and enhanced scalability, ready for future capacity growth.

Bombardier – ready for digital in Germany
The EBI Lock CBI has been a leading technology in the global signalling market since it was first installed in Sweden in 1978 and continues to meet the highest reliability, safety and efficiency standards. Over 1,500 EBI Lock CBI systems have been provided to over 55 customers around the world. In Germany, Bombardier has been delivering electronic interlockings for 30 years including fourteen systems for Deutsche Bahn Netz which are spanning operations at 34 stations across the country. The most recent installations have been at major hubs such as Wuppertal, Gunterhausen, Euskirchen and Kreuztal.

As part of its growing portfolio of digital signalling solutions worldwide, Bombardier has been developing and delivering digital, IP-based interlocking systems for Germany for over 10 years from its Braunschweig centre of expertise. Bombardier was the first supplier to introduce full-system, Ethernet-based communications with a separately routed power-supply and, today, is fully equipped to migrate existing electronic systems to digital, according to the EULYNX/NeuPro standard.

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