Company announcement
11 September 2019

Major shareholder announcement

Pursuant to section 30 of Consolidated Act no. 459 of 24 April 2019 on capital markets, as amended, NeuroSearch A/S ("NeuroSearch") hereby announces to have received a major shareholder announcement from Luxor Capital Group, LP, in capacity as Investment Manager for Luxor Capital Partners Offshore Master Fund, LP and Luxor Wavefront, LP ("Luxor").

Luxor has informed NeuroSearch that Luxor today has disposed of all of its shares in NeuroSearch as part of the mandatory public take-over offer made by Nordic Transport Group Holding A/S, see company announcement of 7 August 2019, following which Luxor does not hold any shares or voting rights in NeuroSearch.

Other information

As previously informed in company announcements of 5 April 2019 and 9 July 2019, NeuroSearch and Nordic Transport Group A/S ("NTG") have signed a non-binding letter of intent contemplating (i) the combination of NeuroSearch and NTG to be effected by the contribution into NeuroSearch of all shares in NTG (as well as shares in some of its subsidiaries) against the issuance of new shares in NeuroSearch to the shareholders in NTG, and (ii) the offering of shares to new investors (the "Transaction"). It is the intention that the Transaction will be completed in Q4 2019. NTG is a related company to Nordic Transport Group Holding A/S.

Please note that under the rules for issuers of shares, the Transaction will qualify as a "change of identity", see clause 2.9 of the rules. Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S ("Nasdaq") has informed NeuroSearch that Nasdaq will assess whether upon completion of the Transaction NeuroSearch may keep its stock exchange listing following the change of identity. Nasdaq has informed NeuroSearch also that it will begin a process to evaluate whether the shares of NeuroSearch may continue to be admitted to trading, unless in all material respects NeuroSearch adheres to the model for a combination with NTG in accordance with the timetable referred to above.

Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard                                    Allan Andersen

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NeuroSearch A/S (NEUR) is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S.