SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zira, a data-driven industrial marketplace, launched from stealth today from the team behind Lightapp. Zira envisions a world where industrial operational excellence is easy to achieve and profitable for people and the planet. Today’s launch will revolutionize industrial manufacturing for the digital age with the industry’s first platform designed to create and drive autonomous workflows between previously unlinked business processes.

“Zira, which means ‘arena’ in Hebrew, is derived from our core service which brings all business members including customers, suppliers, machines, people and processes onto one platform and streamlines interactions between them,” said Guy Peer, co-founder and COO of Zira. “Our long term goal is to create the all-inclusive, go-to platform for business automation.”

The De Facto Platform for Smart Manufacturing
As a collaboration hub for machines, manufacturers and suppliers, Zira helps manufacturers manage plants and facilities from the ground up. By focusing on members first (people and machines), Zira’s services develop and improve, resulting in tighter and faster engagement cycles. The Zira platform is driven in tandem by the Zira feed, a real-time collaboration engine and the Zira marketplace, a platform that allows industrial buyers and suppliers to interact, bid, and buy. With live performance data, insights and recommended actions, Zira creates full synergy between operations and procurement. By utilizing data accumulated over extended periods of time, Zira helps manufacturers maximize existing resources and systems and recommends the best investments to optimize operations. Key benefits of the Zira platform include:

  • Integration with existing systems. Zira integrates with existing meters, sensors, controllers and systems (SAP, Oracle, Wonderware and more), helping manufacturers leverage previous investments and generate immediate value and ROI.
  • Simplicity and ease-of-use. Zira is simple and straightforward enough for everyone within an organization to use. The platform is accessible via web and native mobile app and provides easy-to-understand insights allowing for increased value and return, as well as immediate and ongoing improvements.
  • Real-time, actionable insights. Zira shows real-time data of any device, production line or energy source, highlighting anomalies and benchmarking against baseline performance and other facilities and manufacturers. With a simple, easy-to-digest snapshots, manufacturers are pushed recommendations to improve business processes and profitability.
  • Marketplace. Zira Market is the first marketplace for manufacturers in which recommendations are driven by operational data.

The team behind Zira has focused on bringing innovation through software to leading manufacturers including Bimbo Bakeries, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nikon, Westrock and hundreds more.

Supporting Quotes

“Zira has been the easiest and most affordable solution for improving our plant operations from top to bottom. We started with one system and quickly recognized the value and importance of expanding Zira to other areas of our plant.”
- Ben Duncan, Process Improvement Engineer, Pepsi Beverage Company

“Zira helped me get the best solution at the best price by streamlining the quotation process and helping me decide which machine is best for our manufacturing process based on our historic demand profile.”
- James Huang, Senior Control Systems Engineer, 3M

“Zira brings us qualified leads, helps us connect with customers, and quickly delivers tailored solutions that manufacturers trust because of the unbiased transparency their platform brings to the buying and selling process.”
-Brandon Todd, General Manager, Patton’s Inc.

Availability and Pricing
Zira is now available for iOS and Android. Users can begin mapping facilities and start engaging immediately. *In app purchases available.

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About Zira
Zira is a data driven industrial marketplace where processes, machines, and people interact to achieve industrial operational excellence. Zira works with hundreds of plants, OEM suppliers, and utilities around the world, and has a deep understanding of how manufacturing plants and their people work. Its proven technology is currently in use at leading facilities including Bimbo Bakeries, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nikon, Westrock and hundreds more.

Zira is a startup based in San Mateo, Calif. and Israel. Learn more at

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