PHOENIX, Nov. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoolEvents, LLC (“the Company”), the nation’s largest experiential event company, recently filed a lawsuit in the Arizona Superior Court against Obstacle Racing Media (“ORM”) and its proprietor Matthew B. Davis. The lawsuit seeks to recover damages due to false and misleading information regarding CoolEvents published on ORM’s website and blogs, as well as other social media platforms by Davis. The Company estimates that these actions caused more than $500,000 in lost potential revenue.

Though ORM brands itself as “an unbiased, single source of information,” the Company’s perception has been that Davis favors individuals and organizations who directly buy advertising or provide financial support to ORM. The Company believes that Davis and ORM waged a calculated attack against the Company’s credibility and reputation by publishing misleading information with intent to damage CoolEvents’ brands and events. These misleading and deceptive trade practices were directed at CoolEvents and, in particular, the Company’s obstacle course brand, Terrain Race.

“In the participatory athletics space, significant revenue can be lost due to opportunistic and predatory bloggers like Davis, whose potential reach is in the hundreds of thousands across all platforms,” said CoolEvents CEO Bill Spata. “We hope that our stand helps protect the entire endurance space from organizations who seem to favor companies that give them money while attacking the ones who do not.”

The lawsuit alleges that Davis released misleading information after CoolEvents changed venues for a Terrain Race in July. Davis published false statements that the “venue had been canceled,” causing many CoolEvents customers to believe that the event itself had been canceled. 

When questioned by consumers and CoolEvents about his words, Davis brazenly acknowledged the misleading nature of his statements.    

On the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast dated July 27, 2019, Davis admitted wrongdoing, stating to his co-host that, “It might have been slightly misleading.” On the ORM chat board, when a user noted that Davis’ choice of words could be misleading, he responded, “I am sensational. Only in it for the clicks baby!”

About CoolEvents, LLC

CoolEvents, LLC offers a variety of unique, experiential running and obstacle events that attract thousands of participants who share a passion for running and helping others. The Company is in the middle of the 2019 event season that will see in excess of 150 events over six national tours. These include: Terrain Race, the country’s fastest-growing obstacle course race; Bubble Run, the largest daytime 5K run in the country; Blacklight Run and Foam Glow, the largest night-time glow runs in the country; and Blacklight Slide, the world’s only five-story-high waterslide with neon glowing water. The Company recently added Muddy Dash, a new muddy fun run tour, to its schedule. CoolEvents supports childhood cancer awareness and has donated more than $5 million since inception to children’s charities including Phoenix Children’s Hospital/Children’s Miracle Network. 2019 saw one dollar from each registration going to the Company’s official charity partner, 1Wish, whose vision is “to assist as many families and communities in delivering that 1Wish for a child with a life-altering illness.”

For more information and updates please follow CoolEvents on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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