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Seluxit receives project funding from CLEAN ETI

Company Announcement No. 16
Aalborg, 26. November 2019 

Seluxit receives project funding from CLEAN ETI

Seluxit is one of 3 key partners to the EU funded project “AVES”, which focus on energy optimization through data collection, analysis and visualization.

The final details have just fallen into place for project AVES (Analysis and Visualization for Energy Savings). The two-year project will be conducted in cooperation with Aalborg University’s Department of Energy Technology and Systemize ApS, a company focused energy optimization consultancy. The total economic scope of the project is estimated at 3.9 DKKm, of which 1.6 DKKm will be funded to the project’s three consortium partners.
Seluxit expects to receive 0.9 DKKm.

AVES addresses the challenge that industrial production sites often lack the data registration that
forms the basis for finding and realizing energy savings.
AVES aims at developing a standardized market offering of a retrofitted sensor kit with supporting software that will give businesses actionable insights, such as:

  • how to save energy in production lines
  • predictive maintenance
  • correlation between machine efficiency and energy waste.

The goal is to optimize energy consumption per unit manufactured on a given production line. A major feature of the project will be a pilot deployment in close collaboration with a company to be chosen during the project duration.

The financing of AVES is the ETI project, offered by the energy cluster CLEAN. ETI stands for “Energy Technology Innovation” and is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies to develop energy-optimization solutions and products. The funding has its origin from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund administered by the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) in collaboration with CLEAN. Further information about the funding framework can be found at and

CEO, Daniel Lux:
“We are excited to combine energy harvesting technology for our IoT products with energy optimization and saving solutions for our customers. The AVES project gives us the possibility to continue on the energy saving path, as well as it enables us to combine state-of-the-art technology with customer focused solutions. In the AVES project, we will apply the latest research in energy harvesting to our sensor solutions, with help from Aalborg University. At the same time, Systemize contributes with an approach where the customer's implementation is in focus.”

For further information, please contact CEO Daniel Lux.
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About Seluxit:
Seluxit is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider. We help product manufacturers connect their physical products to the Internet, and benefit from the value of data.  Seluxit’s vision is to be a major contributor to the story of the Internet of Things — how we humans can orchestrate connected products to improve our lives, while preserving our security and privacy.