NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GBT Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: GTCH) (GBT) is steadily growing its footprint in the high-tech space while also expanding its already strong portfolio of technologies that continue to increase the company’s position in the industry.  GBT is segmented into 5 different areas of growth, but its work in the artificial intelligence or AI industry continues to be the company’s central focus, and its AI engine, “Avant! AI,” could prove to be an industry-leading product that changes the way we get information, while also becoming a first-in-class tool in the development of other technologies.

GBT’s portfolio of technologies includes artificial intelligence, microchip technology, internet of things (IoT)/mobile, electronic design automation (EDA), and on-going research and development (R&D), and GBT plans to employ its AI technology throughout the portfolio in the development of a host of technologies.

While GBT’s footprint is expanding in a number of high-tech spaces, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Salomon Ocon, says, “GBT has decided to invest a major part of its future business in the AI industry because the company predicts there is a great market for it well into the future and that GBT is ideally positioned to compete in the industry with its vast experience and knowledge in the AI space developing both AI-based algorithms and circuitries.”

Currently, GBT is fully engaged in two areas that are in high demand and both are using the company’s AI engine in their development.  The first is the development of advanced-AI applications or “smart apps” that could change the way we get vital information on just about any topic, and the second is to assist in the production of microchips, and by doing so, achieving increased reliability in their production. 

Avant! AI is able to be “trained,” which makes the technology ideal for developing applications that require learning volumes of information and for developing platforms that can assist in increasing reliability based on physics-of-failure mechanisms.  The company’s AI engine, which is an “expert agent” or “knowledge advisor” that can act as a knowledge center for any given database, is “achieving human objectives” with its actions according to the company.  The company touts that the technology will be capable of retrieving specific data from just about any field, including medicine, law, engineering, IoT, and customer support for starters.

The first advanced-AI "smart" application that GBT is developing is for the medical field.  GBT’s COO said of Avant! AI’s immediate future, “One possibility for this artificial intelligence is to offer Avant! AI as a ‘medical expert agent’ for medical web sites or other similar sites in the field, as well as offering what could function as a personal medical assistant for everyone.

“Imagine an intelligent medical advisor at your fingertips and available to you around the clock that provides you with accurate medical advice. This type of ‘super-intelligent agent’ would be invaluable in any household worldwide.”

Meanwhile, GBT is implementing its Avant! AI technology within its Epsilon EDA (Electronic Design Automation) program with the goal of achieving increased reliability for microchips.  GBT has developed design and analysis software for integrated circuits (IC).  The EDA field targets integrated circuits design and analysis software, and GBT is implementing its AI engine with its work on EDA technology to create IC analysis software.  GBT says this software will analyze microchips during their design process to ensure the ultimate reliability, optimal power consumption and fast performance, creating clean-by-construction chips.  

Salomon Ocon says, “When it comes to microchips that are used in aviation, space exploration, medical equipment, military and in many other important fields, high reliability is necessary in order to prevent failures.  GBT's Epsilon computer program analyzed each microchip during its design phase, ensuring the prevention of overheating, optimal power consumption and the highest reliability even in the toughest weather conditions.  Epsilon is a reliability-aware IC design environment.  Using GBT's EDA technology, IC design houses will be able to create efficient microchips, with the highest reliability, optimal power consumption and fastest performance.”

According to the company, Avant! AI’s ability to achieve “human objectives” is what will make it superior to anything that any other competitor can offer today.  GBT executives feel that its AI engine is “a superior technology that will slowly penetrate many aspects of our lives.”

GBT is targeting its AI technology to become the pioneer in crucial areas of our lives and plans to explore licensing opportunities for the technology next year.  The COO said that GBT does plan to look for a partnership(s)/collaboration(s) in the communication field with one of the market's major companies, and that GBT is currently exploring the licensing of its EDA technology to major IC design corporations.

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About GBT Technologies, Inc.

GBT Technologies, Inc. is a development-stage company that considers itself a native IoT creator, developing Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled mobile technology platforms.  GBT has a portfolio of Intellectual Property that when commercialized, will include smart microchips, mobile and security applications and protocols, and supporting cloud software.  GBT’s system envisions the creation of a global mesh network.  The core of the system will be its advanced microchip technology that can be installed in any mobile or fixed device worldwide. GBT envisions this system as a low-cost, secure, private mesh network between any enabled devices, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management/sharing and enhanced mobile features as an alternative to traditional carrier services.

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