Oklahoma City, OK, Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- More than ever, national companies have begun launching community outreach initiatives helping locals in need. At the forefront of this movement in Oklahoma City is Next Level Acquisitions.

“We have officially adopted NW 50th Street from Portland Avenue to Independence Avenue through ‘Adopt a Highway’. Our sign will be going up any day now,” Director of Operations, Elias Saliba explained.

The Next Level Acquisitions staff will be offering charity hours to ensure their piece of Oklahoma City is kept clean and beautiful for residents. This commitment is momentous and trendsetting for the young firm. The leadership staff is incredibly excited about the commitment to the community.

Charitable contributions out of Oklahoma City don’t stop there for this wholesome firm.

As of late, the local news has been riddled with concerning statistics regarding the city’s homeless population. Nearly a year ago, local new agencies reported the unsheltered homeless population grew by 50% from the year prior. More recently, a publication suggested there are more than 100 homeless veterans within city limits and over 200 families with children.

For Saliba, those numbers are incredibly alarming.

“I decided over a year ago that we, at Next Level Acquisitions would lead the movement for homeless outreach as well as community clean up”, said Saliba earlier this week.

Saliba and the Next Level Acquisitions management staff pulled together and coordinated their own charity initiative on Thanksgiving morning.

“I brought the idea to my staff as a suggestion some weeks ago,” Saliba said. “The response I received was overwhelming. It’s incredible. Everyone in the office was willing to sacrifice their Thanksgiving morning to give back to the less fortunate this holiday. The company culture of inclusivity that we’ve fostered in just over a year of business is so positive and uplifting. I am grateful for what we’ve accomplished.”

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Saliba hosted an office Thanksgiving to show appreciation and gratitude for a year well spent. From Sunday through Thursday morning, the team collected food, snacks and essentials for locals in need. The gifts were boxed up and hand delivered to the homeless in Downtown Oklahoma City on Thursday morning.

For Next Level Acquisitions, launching an outreach initiative is at the forefront of their company philosophy of inclusiveness, friendship and positivity. Learn more about the company culture at www.nextlevelacquisitions.com.

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