Santa Cruz, California, Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA), the leading insurer exclusively focused on strengthening the 501(c)(3) nonprofit sector, today announced its 20,000th member. 4CS of Passaic County based in Paterson, NJ provides financial assistance with childcare to low-income families and helps struggling parents and caretakers obtain accessible, affordable, and quality childcare. 4CS joins a diverse community of nonprofit organizations across 32 states and the District of Columbia that relies on NIA for insurance products and risk management services to keep their operations, board of directors, staff, and volunteers protected. 

“We switched to Nonprofits Insurance Alliance because we were working with a corporate insurer that refused to cover some of the critical services we provide,” says Coleen Stevens Porcher, CEO of 4CS. “We heard about NIA through another nonprofit. We started doing research and felt that NIA was an insurer that really understood us. It’s an insurance group by, for, and of nonprofits.”  

Porcher continues, “NIA understands the nature of our work. Everyone in the insurance industry is fleeing from covering organizations that work with children, and it’s really unfair to the community. The point of having insurance is to protect you and the children, families, and providers you work with. That’s why we need insurance. With NIA, we felt the people on the other end really understood our mission, really cared, and really wanted to insure us. They did their due diligence, of course, but they were about serving the community and serving our needs.”  

NIA surpassed 10,000 members in 2010 and with today’s milestone has doubled in just under 9 years. The 20,000th member is an achievement made possible by over 900 independent brokers who value NIA’s steadfast commitment to the nonprofit sector, innovative insurance products, and comprehensive member services.  

“In a hardening market like the one we are currently experiencing, groups like NIA offer us additional solutions for our clients who find it more difficult to secure the coverage they need,” said Peter Persuitti, managing director of the Nonprofit Practice at Gallagher. “From everyone at Gallagher, we extend our congratulations to NIA on this milestone achievement and welcome their continued success.”  

“On this milestone we remember the nonprofits that are tirelessly working to support our communities with critical services. We also applaud all the independent insurance agents and brokers who care about helping to maintain a vibrant nonprofit sector,” said Pamela Davis, founder, president and CEO of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance. “Our success is proof that social enterprises like NIA, that put people and impact before profits, are not only excellent businesses but crucial to solving society’s toughest challenges.”   

NIA was founded in Santa Cruz, California, 30 years ago during the liability insurance crisis that hit nonprofits especially hard. Nonprofits fought to continue operations while facing skyrocketing premiums and nonrenewal decisions by commercial carriers. 

On the same day NIA opened its doors, the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, centered just miles from NIA offices, and the impact was catastrophic. Through the resiliency of Ms. Davis and her staff, NIA weathered the natural disaster and in the ensuing years has built a reputation for dependability, excellence, and commitment to the nonprofit sector.    

“By welcoming the 20,000th member, NIA has achieved a significant milestone on its 30th anniversary,” said Tom Wander, chair of NIAC and vice-chair of NANI, both part of the NIA group brand. “I’m proud of our enduring commitment to strengthening nonprofits, and confident in the many achievements still to come.” 

Throughout its 30-year history, NIA has been an innovator in insurance products and risk management services that help to secure the health of nonprofits. For example, NIA pioneered the availability of Improper Sexual Conduct (ISC) insurance for nonprofits to help organizations respond to allegations against staff and volunteers. NIA also helped create BOARDnetWork, a web app, to keep nonprofit boards organized and running smoothly.    

“What started out 30 years ago as a pioneering venture is now a leading, innovative force helping nonprofits protect and secure their mission and assets,” said Stephen C. Sumner, chair of ANI and NANI, part of the NIA group brand. “In coming to NIA, nonprofits are choosing an insurer that is invested in the success and sustainability of the 501(c)(3) sector.”  


About Nonprofits Insurance Alliance 

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) is celebrating 30 years as a social enterprise and leading insurer of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits. The NIA group brand is comprised of Alliance Member Services (AMS) and three AM Best A VIII (Excellent) rated insurers with 501(c)(3) nonprofit status: Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC), Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance, RRG (ANI), and National Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance (NANI). 

About 4CS of Passaic County 

4CS of Passaic County helps families in Passaic County, New Jersey, obtain accessible and affordable childcare by providing financial assistance for quality childcare to low- and moderate-income families. 

4CS is also an educational institute that provides training/professional development, technical assistance, and organizational counsel to independent childcare centers and family childcare providers. On behalf of the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development, 4CS delivers comprehensive childcare resources and referral services. 

About Gallagher 

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (NYSE:AJG), a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm, is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The company has operations in 48 countries and offers client service capabilities in more than 150 countries around the world through a network of correspondent brokers and consultants. Gallagher today is among the largest third-party administrators that has a unique specialty in serving nonprofits. Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting services.  

For more than 50 years, Gallagher has specialized in its consulting, brokerage and claims administration for the nonprofit sector. It has also grown from a regional U.S. service provider to among the largest in the world for the nonprofit sector. 

Ren Agarwal
Nonprofits Insurance Alliance