NEW YORK, Jan. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LifeSci Capital LLC, a research-driven investment bank focused on the life sciences, today announced its transition to providing fully independent, high-conviction equity research coverage of selected companies in the life sciences through the expansion of its Alpha Series and KOL Series research products.

The Alpha Series focuses on high-impact research based on a differentiated approach that encompasses deep fundamental and scientific analysis facilitated by comprehensive survey work with key opinion leaders and investigator insights, aimed at uncovering long-term value creation opportunities. LifeSci Capital’s unique model of research is further differentiated through its proprietary global distribution model, enabled by a large team of specialized institutional equity salespeople operating independently of sales and trading commissions, to ensure unbiased and unparalleled global reach.

“Since its formation over five years ago, LifeSci Capital has established a strong brand in the investment community based on the quality and depth of our equity research product,” said Andrew I. McDonald, Ph.D., chief executive officer of LifeSci Capital. “We launched the Alpha Series at LifeSci Capital to provide a differentiated research offering that leverages comprehensive surveys of thought leaders and investigators to drive a deep understanding of the landscape for insightful and impactful analysis. Our evolution to providing high-impact, and now fully independent research, further strengthens our Alpha Series and KOL Series offerings. We look forward to continued expansion of our research product, delivering value to the investment community with our unique model of differentiated research combined with proprietary, unbiased global distribution.”

In June 2018, LifeSci Capital launched the Alpha Series research product, a research offering, distinct from the firm’s now legacy research offering, that includes ratings, price targets and valuation methodologies rooted in strong fundamental analysis.  LifeSci Capital’s KOL Series connects industry thought leaders across a broad range of therapeutic areas and technologies to provide insightful commentary and analysis to the investment community. KOL Series events are typically hosted at or around major medical meetings.

About LifeSci Capital:

LifeSci Capital LLC ( (Member: FINRA/SIPC) is research-driven investment bank registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) that provides corporate finance, strategic advisory, and equity research services to corporate and institutional investors. The firm’s highly accomplished team specializes exclusively on life science companies that discover, develop, and commercialize innovative products, and is uniquely positioned to work closely with corporate clients to establish and execute their financing and strategic initiatives. LifeSci Capital’s research product, led by its Alpha Series and KOL Series offerings, is highly differentiated and provides the investment community with a deep understanding across therapeutic indications for companies within and beyond our coverage universe.

About LifeSci Partners:

LifeSci Partners ( is the leading provider of consulting services for life sciences companies in the areas of investor relations, public relations, social and digital media, creative and marketing communications, corporate communications, executive search, strategic partnering and capital markets advisory. Through our affiliates, we combine deep domain expertise and decades of experience in capital markets and corporate communications with a global relationship network to deliver unparalleled services to clients. LifeSci Advisors is the largest investor relations consultancy in the life sciences industry, founded to provide companies with a multi-faceted approach to investor communications and outreach. Led by a large team of financial services and investor relations professionals, LifeSci Advisors works in tandem with LifeSci Public Relations’ team of M.D.s and Ph.D.s, to provide a highly synergistic approach to effectively communicating our clients’ scientific, R&D, regulatory and commercial strategies to diverse audiences. LifeSci Partners’ executive search, strategic partnering and capital markets advisory capabilities provides fully integrated business solutions for life sciences clients across all stages of development.


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