Charleston, WV, Jan. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s no secret that carbohydrates are a major factor when it comes to weight loss. Most diets will place an emphasis on proteins and vegetables while minimizing carb intake in order to reduce blood sugar spikes as well as eliminate excess sugars from the body. Despite how it seems, carbohydrates aren’t inherently bad. Carbs are units of energy that are needed for physical activity, but weight issues occur when energy output isn’t enough to burn off extra carbs. At that point, they become stored in the body as glycogen in the liver and muscle, ultimately converting to body fat. While many diets such as keto and diabetic dieting recommend reducing carb intake to very low amounts, carb cycling is a great option for people who routinely utilize carbs for energy to fuel physical activity.

Telemedicine weight loss provider - Diet Demand utilizes a low carb diet followed by carb cycling for many patients who need quick weight loss results for health reasons. Diet Demand’s Medical Director Dr. Tom Burns states, “When you go on low carb diets, your glycogen tank will empty after a few days so you can enter ketosis. Maintaining a low carb intake can be helpful in these earlier stages to keep blood sugar and insulin better regulated which can aid in fat loss.” However, Dr. Burns notes that over time the decrease in carbs can cause changes in hormone levels and it can be difficult to make gains in lean body mass when glycogen stores and carb intake is low.

“This is where carb cycling can come into play,” he states. “This approach is originally targeted at athletes trying to become leaner but still wish to maintain and build muscle mass which is a very difficult balance to strike. On training days, the athlete will increase carb intake to create an anabolic environment and provide glucose and glycogen to the muscle tissue. Then during non-training days dietary carbs will be decreased, and the glycogen tank will start to empty again creating the environment of low glucose and glycogen which can help with fat loss.” For non-athletes, longer intervals between filling the glycogen tank can be helpful for initial fat loss with the occasional ‘glycogen re-fill’ or carb cycling. Diet Demand uses this method with obese patients to allow them to continue losing weight over longer periods of time without plateaus, muscle loss or excessive hormone changes. Muscle preservation is particularly important in overall health and weight maintenance as it burns fat and increases dexterity, balance and youthfulness in general.

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