Bendheim Introduces QuicKISS™ Heavy-Duty Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Boards

Quick-Ship, Quick-Install Marker Boards Feature New Patent-Pending Hanging System

Wayne, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bendheim’s QuicKISS magnetic glass boards are the latest in heavy-duty dry-erase glass whiteboards. They combine strength, a slim profile, and long-life practicality, as well as easy installation and maintenance. They are ideal for use in contemporary­ educational, meeting, and workplace settings.


QuicKISS magnetic glass boards comprise tempered safety glass laminated to galvanized steel. Tested to withstand a 400 pound-force (lbf) impact, they passed intact, without breakage or visible damage (please see Bendheim’s durability video). The boards meet the requirements for the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard 16 CFR 1201 Cat. II and ANSI Z97.1.


The ultra-white color of the boards derives from the use of low-iron back-painted glass, coated with Bendheim’s sustainable HardShell® glass paints. HardShell® colors are water-based and eco-safe, producing long-lasting, 100% VOC-free glass marker boards. They are baked at a high temperature onto the glass to ensure superior adhesion and durability.


Bendheim’s patent-pending QuicKISS glass board attachment method features a concealed, low-profile (approx. 5/16”), integrated steel hanging mechanism, contributing to the board’s strength and durability. A nod to “simpler,” smarter engineered solutions, the KISS method relies on fewer individual components and stronger connections between them. The result is a tougher dry-erase glass board, improved magnetic function, slimmer profile, and quicker “out-of-box" installation (please see 1-minute video).

Ease of Maintenance:

Naturally hygienic and non-porous, QuicKISS glass boards are non-ghosting and wear well over time. Even permanent markers erase without a trace using a standard glass cleaner – no harsh chemicals needed. For best results, Bendheim recommends using wet- or dry-erase markers and strong rare-earth magnets, such as the magnets included with QuicKISS orders.

Product Evolution:

The new QuicKISS collection represents years of Bendheim R&D, working with the A&D community to refine and expand the company’s magnetic glass marker board offering. According to Donald Jayson, Bendheim Co-Owner and Executive VP, “the new QuicKISS glass board system has the potential to shift Bendheim’s model – and possibly the entire industry – towards smarter, more streamlined engineered hanging systems.”

QuicKISS glass boards are designed and manufactured by Bendheim in the USA. They are available in four quick-ship sizes: 24” x 36”, 36” x 48”, 48” x 72”, and 48” x 96”. Custom sizes, colors, and imprints can also be specified (longer lead times apply). For more information on Bendheim’s dry-erase glass boards, please visit


Bendheim’s QuicKISS™ magnetic glass boards are ideal for use in contemporary­ educational, meeting, and workplace settings.

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