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Game Changer: The First Pregnancy Guarantee Is Now Available

Burr Ridge, Illinois, Jan. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premom, an ovulation calculator app designed to help women get pregnant naturally, just launched the first ever 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee program after in-depth research on over half a million existing Premom users. It is an important milestone toward Premom’s mission to offer the highest pregnancy success rate of any fertility app.

With an immense collection of unique data, generated from over 100 million ovulation test sales and millions of fertility records, Premom has been able to develop unique fertility solutions for families. From one of the most valuable data studies, a consistent pattern was found among pregnant women, which led to over 90% conception rates within 6 cycles. This study eventually led to the development and launch of the 9-cycle pregnancy guarantee.

After having signed up for the free guarantee program, users gain access to premier benefits: personalized guidance based on an advanced algorithm and progress reports, VIP care, and a free fertility consultation after 6 cycles. Also the program guarantees that users can “Get Pregnant or Get Paid". This is supported by the 5-year best-seller easy@Home ovulation tests and also by Premom quantitative ovulation tests, the only quantitative ovulation test kits in the US.

Currently the consultation service is available in the United States and Canada. Premom is working with its European partner to make consultation services available in Europe soon.

Along with this program, subscribed users will be empowered with knowledge during their fertility journey. This is the unique, affordable solution millions of women worldwide could benefit from.

When asked, “Why did Premom offer the pregnancy guarantee?”

Premom’s founder Ms. Sherry Liu replied,

“I have seen so many families benefit from the Premom app and easy@Home ovulation tests. It is time to implement the best solutions to help more families. The guarantee will convey our confidence to our customers and will motivate users to commit to the natural family planning journey. I believe it will change the game of the fertility world and will help millions more families have their baby dreams come true faster and easier.”


Premom, based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, is dedicated to helping women get pregnant sooner and naturally. As a unique and innovative ovulation prediction app, Premom has helped millions of successfully pregnant women. As part of the easy@Home family, Premom applies its successful technology and expertise to help women easily achieve their natural family planning goals. For more information, visit

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