Samples and Database are safe

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 10 February 2020

Esperite N.V. (Euronext: ESP, “Esperite”)  has noticed several articles in the news, online channels and information blogs about a hypothetical loss of umbilical cord blood samples during the transport from Belgium, Switzerland to Poland. Esperite has published since September 26th 2019 a CryoSave section on its website which describes the different steps from the transaction with the Polish partner, Myrisoph and CryoSave to the current status after the transportation of the samples.
Esperite confirms that the inventory system, a sophisticated database was up to date and totally functional when transferred. All the samples in inventory were reported and identified.
Esperite was surprised that none of the two companies, PBKM Famicord and Myrisoph CSG-Bio contacted Esperite in order to discuss this matter. Esperite could have helped PBKM Famicord and Myrisoph CSG-Bio to understand better the structure of the database, its logical and secured organisation, the required procedures and the traceability in place for the samples.
Esperite could have helped them to avoid such a chaos in their communication.
The journalists didn’t contact Esperite to verify their information.
Esperite feels sorry for the parents which have been worried by this current situation and confirm offering to PBKM Famicord and Myrisoph CSG-Bio all the needed support in case Esperite is invited to do so.
Esperite believes that PBKM Famicord and Myrisoph CSG-Bio, are now in a beauty contest, using this fortunate confusion to obtain from the clients new agreements on additional storage contracts.

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