Aktia Bank Plc
Stock Exchange Release
13 February 2020 at 4.00 p.m.

Change in amount of shares in Aktia Bank Plc

Aktia Bank Plc has in a directed share issue issued 744,696 new shares as part of the process of acquiring the minority share in Aktia Asset Management Ltd. The shares have been issued according to the share issue authorisation of the Annual General Meeting on 11 April 2019.

Akta Bank Plc informed in December 2019 that Aktia Bank Plc and Aktia Asset Management Ltd’s minority shareholder Evergreen Holding Ltd have reached an agreement according to which Aktia Bank Plc will acquire the total minority share of 24% in Aktia Asset Management Ltd during the first quarter of 2020 through an acquisition of Evergreen Holding Ltd's shares. As consideration for the acquisition Aktia Bank has issued new shares to a majority of the shareholders of Evergreen Holding Ltd, who are all employees of Aktia Asset Management, which harmonises the parties’ interest in working for a further improved value development of Aktia. The shares have been subscribed to the price of 9.0398 euro per share, which corresponds to the average price of the Aktia share on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd weighed with the volume of transactions carried out during the period of 1–30 November 2019.

The new shares will be registered into the Trade Register on 14 February 2020 and will start trading on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd as of 17 February 2020. Following the issue, the number of shares in Aktia will increase by 744,696 shares to 69,917,133 shares. The subscription is recognised in the company's share capital.

Aktia Bank Plc will acquire the remaining minority of Evergreen Holding Ltd's shares within the first quarter of 2020.


Further information:
Outi Henriksson, CFO, tel. +358 10 247 6236
Mia Bengts, General Counsel, tel. +358 10 247 6348

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